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5 Things You Must Not Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country known for its picturesque landscapes. Many travelers around the world visit it and never failed to be amazed and surprised by the sights, local dishes, and culture. Tourists always said that their experiences are worthwhile and memorable in the country. So if you are planning to be in New Zealand in the future, you should familiarize yourself with their customs and etiquette. To shed some light, here are the 7 things that you must do in the country.


Confusing New Zealand with Australia

New Zealand Flag


Australian Flag

New Zealand Vs. Australia. Source: Pixabay


Since New Zealand is geographically close to Australia, many people think that they share traditions, history, and culture. It is a big no to compare one country to another country. If you ever joke about the country and its neighboring country’s status, you might offend the New Zealanders.


Expect to Always See Maori

The Maori Tribe

The Maori Tribe. Source: Pixabay


The Maoris are the indigenous tribe that lives in different parts of New Zealand. However, don’t expect always to see Maori during your trip. The best places to see and interact with the Maoris are Northland, Auckland, Rotorua, and Canterbury. There are organized tours that offer itineraries going to a marae (tribal meeting grounds).

Be Offended with Local Jokes

Local Jokes

Local Jokes. Source: Pexels


It may seem that New Zealanders are polite and reserved people. However, as you get along with them, you may find them friendly and lively. They might tease you during conversations but don’t be offended by it. It is one of their ways to welcome you in their country.


Assume to be Understood Easily

English Alphabet

English Alphabet. Source: Pexels


It is known for a fact that New Zealand is an English speaking country. You might be coming from major English speaking countries like the USA and the United Kingdom, but don’t assume that the locals can easily understand you. Just like in every place, New Zealand also has its local language or slang that you should know.


Be Late in Any Appointments

Late in Appointment

Late in Appointment. Source: Pexels


Locals value time and promises. If you said to meet them at 8 am, then make sure to be there on or before that time. They don’t like whenever someone would call them off and say excuses for their delay.


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