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A honeymoon in Germany is a different romantic honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Germany, The honeymoon is the most beautiful days of life. It is a period in which the newlyweds enjoy their special times after the wedding, and often the newlyweds begin to search for romantic places to have fun times. Do you think of a honeymoon characterized by a charming romantic atmosphere? In this review, let’s know more about a honeymoon in Germany:


Gardens in southwestern Germany

Suppose you want to spend a memorable honeymoon in an atmosphere that is all cheerful and romantic. In that case, you should go to the south-west of Germany, where you find the most romantic degrees in the states and cities of Germany. The state of Baden-Württemberg, where you find places with unique features that meet all tastes, start in Heidelberg and the romance spirit that fills its streets, its pavement alleys, hiking paths and its Baroque homes. To Baden-Baden, with its excellent tourist spas, natural mineral water springs, and vast hotels, parks and gardens.



Munich, Germany, is the destination for a unique honeymoon.

Munich city is distinguished by its lightning and beauty that combines the past and the present. You find palaces, castles, museums and churches that fascinate you with the engineering designs, beauty and splendour of its architecture, as it attracts 3 million tourists to visit it annually. Munich’s city passes the Iza River, which was sung by the great poet Prince Khalid bin Saud, and Munich is about an hour’s drive away from the Alps and has many unique landscapes other than its beautiful green forests.

There are some tourist places in Munich such as:

  • The English Garden

Where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in a garden whose beauty surpassed the most beautiful gardens in the world, and you can also enjoy feeding ducks in Kleinheiselur lake, which overlooks the park.

  • Chinese Zodiac

One of the places that must be visited on your trip to Munich is the Chinese tower, which features 7,000 seats to drink beer. If you are lucky, you can watch the traditional Kocher pal dance around the tower, which is performed on a Sunday in the summer, and the Germans celebrate this dance for four hours from six in the morning until one o’clock Ten in the morning.

The capital, Berlin, for the best honeymoon and happy memories

There are many German cities that you can enjoy a distinctive honeymoon in. One of these cities is Berlin, the most prominent tourist city in Germany and is also the second-largest city in the European Union and includes many tourist and cultural places and many ancient and important archaeological sites that tell the history of Germany. You can visit all These places and enjoy their beauty. You can also wander in several high-end markets that include many shops with well-known and distinctive brands and are the best in all of Europe. You can also enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, pleasant weather, green gardens, important cultural and historical places, and you will not miss enjoying shopping with the best brands. World and buy beautiful gifts for your loved ones to keep to remind you of those beautiful days.

This article got acquainted with Germany and the most important cities to spend a memorable honeymoon, knowing what has been mentioned in this article. Some German places have many incredible tourist places that could not be discussed here, so we promise you another visit to some German cities and tourist attractions.


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