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Basic Etiquette and Manners in France

France, also known as the city of love, attracts millions of tourists all around the world with its famous attractions and delightful specialty food. However, to fully enjoy the much-awaited vacation in France, proper etiquette and manners should be determined.




La Bise. Souce: Flickr


The standard form of greeting in France is called “la bise”. It refers to the kiss on both cheeks that is sometimes accompanied by embrace. French people love to welcome people they just met so expect to have lots of “la bise” from them.


French Language

French Language

Bonjour. Source: Pixibay


French people prefer to engage with other people through their native language. With this, you can start learning essential French words and phrases such as “bonjour”, “parlez-vous Anglais”, and “excusez-moi” to establish rapport with the locals.


Entering an Establishment

French Establishment

French Restaurant. Source: Pixibay


Upon entering any form of the establishment (i.e.restaurants or hotels), saying “bonjour” or hello in French is a common courtesy to all locals. This also applies before you ask questions. In terms of leaving the establishment, “au revoir” or goodbye in French must be said.


French Time

French Time

Guy Waiting. Source: Pixibay


If you happen to have French friends to meet in France, you can expect them to be late for at least 15 minutes. Never be mad or frustrated with them if they happen to make you wait for some time and instead enjoy the scenic views of France while waiting for them.


Table Manners

Table Manners

Girl Eating. Source: Pexels


French people are known for their gastronomic food and delicacies. With this, they tend to have a variety of table manners that should be observed by every tourist.

  • The proper way to address the waiter when ordering or taking a menu is “Monsieur” or “Mademoiselle”, “Madam”.
  • French people take time to eat their meals. They are fond of enjoying their food as they put much significance in their local cuisine. This also applies to preparing food for their customers.
  • Remember to have lunch during 12 pm – 2 pm. French people have the culture to spend their lunchtimes for longer hours compared with other countries. After these hours, eating lunch would be impossible to do so be mindful of the time.

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