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Basic Yet Essential Do’s and Dont’s in Visiting Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful and peaceful country to visit. Many tourists fell in love with the country as it welcomes them with warmth and generosity. You may or may not know it, but this nation is a multicultural and traditional country. If you are planning to go to Nepal in the future, prepare to expect the unexpected as it offers different kinds of experiences for diverse types of travelers.


But just like the other countries, you should also be mindful of Nepal’s customs and etiquette. It would not only make your trip hassle-free but also a worthwhile one as you might befriend the locals. With this, here are the basic yet essential do’s and dont’s when you come in the ‘root of the world’.


  • Namaste is the form of greeting in Nepal. Instead of a handshake, you should place both of your hands in a prayer-like gesture.


Namaste. Source: Pixabay


  • Use both of your hands to receive or give something to other people. Using a left hand is considered as rude and offensive to Nepalese.

Receive Using Both Hands

Receive Using Both Hands. Source: Pixabay


  • Dress appropriately. Since Nepal is dominant by Hinduism, you should wear decent clothes that do not reveal or impose your skin, especially your private parts.

Decent Clothes to Wear

Decent Clothes to Wear. Source: Pixabay


  • If you are a beef lover, you must look for other options to eat. Cows in Nepal is considered as sacred and clean.


Cows. Source: Pixabay


  • Remember not to share your plate with the locals. You can also note that eating in a shared plate or drinking from the same cup is frowned upon by the Nepalese.

Nepalese Food

Nepalese Food. Source: Pixabay


  • When entering a local’s house or temple, remove your shoes before entering.

Shoes Outside of Temple

Shoes Outside of Temple. Source: Pixabay


  • You might be surprised that local men would hold their hands together. Don’t be confused as it’s part of their culture. It is also a normal thing not to see men and women showing their affection in public.

Nepalese Men

Nepalese Men. Source: Pixabay

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