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Basic Yet Essential Tips Before Going to Spain

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. It has millions of tourists that explore and discover the beauty of the country. Aside from seeing the famous landmarks, there are a lot of activities that you can do during your stay. With this, you can’t help but feel excited about your trip to Spain. But just like the other countries it has its own do’s and don’ts that tourists should be aware.


Here are the helpful information that you should bear in mind before visiting Spain.


Greet the locals with kisses on cheeks or handshake.

Local Women's Greeting

Local Women’s Greeting. Source: Pexels


Locals love to greet people they meet, especially if you are an acquaintance or a close friend. If a Spanish woman is greeting you, you would be receiving two kisses on both cheeks that start from the left side. Spanish men, on the other hand, based their greeting by the gender of the receiver. They greet a woman by kissing her cheeks, whereas handshake is done when greeting other men.


Patience is a virtue.


Man Waiting. Source: Pixibay


Spanish people don’t strictly implement punctuality. Compared to other European countries, they have a different concept of time. So expect that if you’re meeting a local, he/she will 20-30 minutes late. This also applies when ordering your food in a restaurant.


Wear appropriate yet stylish clothes.

Tourist Wearing Stylish Clothes

Tourist Wearing Stylish Clothes. Source: Pexels


If you love wearing shorts and flip flops, then leave them when visiting Spain. Spanish people like to dress in the most stylish manner. They tend to follow seasonal fashion rules but don’t forget to wear appropriate clothes if you are visiting sacred places like churches and monasteries.



Learn basic Spanish words and phrases.

Learn Basic Words

Learn Basic Words. Source: Pexels


In every country, it is best to do a little research on the basic words and phrases of the country that you would visit. This same goes for visiting Spain. Only a few locals know how to speak basic English, so it’s better to learn essential Spanish words to communicate with them during your stay.


Never be offended on physical contact and personal questions.


Spanish locals are naturally friendly people. They usually express their friendliness by physical contact such as patting one’s back or touching one’s arm. If you’re traveling in Spain, you can also expect to answer some personal questions such as your age and marital status.


Visiting other countries is an enjoyable experience. You get to see the well-known sights as well as the country’s culture. Just like the other countries, Spain is a great place to visit as you can create meaningful memories through their amazing landmarks and friendly locals.


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