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Six Things You Shouldn’t Do in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. It has known for wonderful mountains, great sceneries, markets, charming culture, and delicious dishes. Visiting the country is a truly amazing experience as you get to know the country’s history and culture through its local people and discovering the beauty of it. However to

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Flavourful Cambodian Dishes

Cambodia is situated in Southeast Asia. It shares its land boundary with Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. They also feature natural landscapes that attract local and foreign tourists. But your journey in Cambodia would not be complete without tasting the nation’s flavourful dishes. Compared with its neighboring countries, Cambodian dishes offer milder and distinct flavours.  

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The Majestic Attractions of Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the Southeast Asian countries that offer a unique experience to the people who visit their land. It lies near the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. A lot of countries had influenced Cambodia. But it is India who made a huge impact on the country. With this, Cambodia has been notable

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