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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, also known as the Chinese Spring Festival, is the most awaited festival of Chinese people. Just like Christmas, it is happily welcomed by people of all ages. Because it is the longest festival in the Chinese calendar, many activities and events are held during this occasion. The date of Chinese New Year

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China’s Kid-Friendly Attractions

If you ever heard the country of China, the famous tourist attractions such as The Great Wall of China and the Palace Museum are the ones you can think off. But what if you are going to visit this rich-filled culture country with your kids or younger siblings? You might ask yourself if there are

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Common and Significant Etiquette in China

China is known for its long trace and rich filled history. Because of this, they have developed various customs in everything they do – from greeting other people to their table manners. If you are a tourist and want to make friends during your stay in China, you should keep in mind these etiquette’s to

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Taste and Experience China through Flavorful Dishes

China is considered to have one of the longest traces of history and civilization. With this, no one can question the nation’s wealthy and interesting destinations that made huge roles in their history and culture. Aside from this, let’s not forget their exquisite and unique cuisine that allows anyone to experience the nation through its

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China for beginners: 7 first-timer fails to avoid on your trip to Beijing

Beijing’s contradictions create a rip-roaring adventure for first-time visitors. Neon lights flash alongside swaying lanterns. Enormous squares yawn next to labyrinthine hútòng (alleyways). Catcalling market sellers and car horns provide a constant soundtrack. Exploring a traditional hutong. Image by Matt Munro / Lonely Planet In a city as deafening as it is beguiling, it’s all too easy

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