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Common Customs and Etiquette in Algeria

Algeria is a North African country that offers its charm and beauty to all people around the world. Although it is the largest African country, there are only a few tourists who visited and are planning to travel to this beautiful place. Little do we know that the country has a lot of scenic views and exciting culture.


If you are planning to take a trip on Algeria, here are the common customs and etiquette that you should know to have an enjoyable and memorable stay.


Greeting locals in Algeria would take much time compared with other countries’ greetings. You can expect questions about your family and work. If you happen to be asked by them, politely answer them and never feel that they’re invading your privacy.


Asking Questions

Asking Questions. Source: Pixabay


You might be surprised that locals would continue to hold your hand after greeting you with a simple handshake. It’s their only way to show affection towards you.



Handshake. Source: Pixabay


If you ever come across with local woman, wait for her to extend her hand to you. If she does that, accept it and nod at her. If not, an act of nodding is enough to greet her.


Handshake By a Woman

Handshake By a Woman. Source: Pixabay


Algerians value titles. As you greet them, you must insert their professional, honorary, and academic titles along with their surnames.


Professional Title

Professional Title. Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery


Gifts are essential things to bring when visiting someone’s house. You can try to give flowers, fruits, or pastries as a sign of gratitude to the locals who invited you. Just remember to avoid giving a violet gift as it symbolises loneliness.



Flowers. Source: Pixabay


If you are entering a temple or local’s abode, you must remove your shoes before entering.


Shoes Outside of Temple

Shoes Outside of Temple. Source: Pixabay


Avoid using your left hand in passing and giving things. For Algerians, it is a sign of disrespect that can put you to a tight spot.


Using Left Hand in Giving

Left Hand. Source: Pixabay


Be mindful that you can’t do any business transactions on Friday. Since Algeria is a dominantly Muslim country, it is part of their culture to closed their establishments during the fifth day of the week.


Closed Signage

Closed Signage. Source: Unsplash

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