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Common Etiquette to Know in United Kingdom

United Kingdom offers its unique charm to everyone. With its rich and interesting history and culture, millions of tourists around the world visit the country to experience and somewhat feel it. But just like every country, United Kingdom has its own common etiquette that every tourist must keep in mind.





Handshake. Source: Pixibay


Greeting English people can be expressed through a simple ‘Hello’ that most commonly followed by a handshake. The locals are generally quite reserved so doing a polite greeting is more appreciated than bold and liberated actions. Some people also greets others by one kiss on the cheek.


Speaking in Public Areas

Lady Talking on the Phone

Lady Talking on the Phone. Source: Pexels


Lowering your voice when speaking in public areas is a must action. Tourists must take note that English people prefer to have silent and intimate conversation with their people their talking with. Talking very loud in public establishments and transportation can be considered as rude and odd behaviour.



Red Wine

Red Wine. Source: Pixibay


If you happen to be invited in the house of an English local, it is a common act to bring specific gifts such as flowers, wine, or chocolates. Bringing such will be very appreciated by the host or hostess of the house.



English Words/Terms

English Language

English Language. Source: Pixibay


American English and British English varies in some ways. With this, there are certain English words that have counterparts in Britain. It is important to learn ahead of time the equivalent American words and its equivalent.


Aside from this, English people have the tendency to use their colloquial words as their endearment to their friends and families. Some of the common names that you might hear are ‘mate’, ‘duck’, ‘dearie’, and ‘son’.




Road. Source: Pixibay


It is important to know that driving on the right side of the road can get you in trouble. English people tend to drive on the left side so you must watch carefully the your driving directions.



Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips. Source: Pixibay


If you are dining to the local restaurants of United Kingdom, do not ever think that there only food and drink available is fish and chips and beer. Stereotyping them would make them offended. Search for their other popular dishes that you might want to try instead to make the most out of it during your stay in the country.

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