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When do I receive my e-Ticket?

You will receive your e-Ticket within 24 hours of your payment being processed by the airline. Once the payment is processed the airline will issue the seat and board pass which will be displayed on your e-Ticket.

Why do I have to arrive so early for my flight departure?

Check-in counters close 30 minutes prior to departure. Customers must arrive at the airport one hours in advance of their domestic departure and 3 hours prior for international flights to avoid missing their flight. If you arrive at the check-in counter after the 30-minute cut-off you risk not being able to board your flight, so it is imperative you arrive on time.


Please note: we do not control the lines at security/immigration departure and in the event you are longer than a 15-minute wait, you will need to anticipate the time it takes to go through security as well as board the flight.

I am a new mother what should I expect with check in and boarding?

If you have given birth within the last seven days, we ask that you check with your medical professional prior travelling.


If you have an infant under two years of age, you can bring the following:

> Diaper bag free of charge (along with your free personal item)
> Two of the following are free to check-in: stroller, playpen and car seat


Please note: ID (two non-photo identification) is required for your infant and please bring bags to store and cover your items (example: car seat). You are able to bring your own plastic bag (a regular garbage bag would suffice).

What is the difference between direct and connecting flights?

A direct flight in the aviation industry is any flight between two points by an airline with no change in flight numbers, which may include a stop at an intermediate point. The stop over may either be to get new customers (or allow some to disembark) or a mere technical stop over (i.e. for refuelling). 


A non-stop flight is a flight made without intermediate stops between source and destination. The departure and arrival times are local time. A connecting flight is one that requires the passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at an intermediate point (called connecting point) on way to their destination.

My luggage is lost on arrival at my destination, what do I do?

Please see the nearest available airline counter of the carrier you booked through to assist you. Please have the following information available for them:


> Your first and last name

> Reservation number

> Your flight information (arrival city and departure city)

> Time of arrival at which airport


How do I check in online?

Online Check In – is the process in which you confirm your presence on a flight via the Internet and typically print your own boarding pass. Depending on the carrier and the specific flight, passengers may also enter details such as meal options and baggage quantities and select their preferred seating.


In order to check-in online you will need your flight details, your PNR (or booking number) and your passport number, if you are on an international flight. You also need to know the number of bags you’ll be checking in.

When can I check in online prior to my flight departure?

Offered by just about every major airline, online check-in allows you to check in for your flight in advance from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. Most airlines permit online check-in up to 24 hours before departure.


You typically need to provide your name and booking confirmation number, though sometimes you can also check in with a frequent flyer or credit card number. (Note: If you booked your flight through a third-party website such rather than directly with the airline, make sure you use the airline’s reservation code, not the confirmation number from the booking site, to check in.

Can I get a Boarding ticket printed after I check in online?

At the airport you can approach the airline check-in counter that you booked your flight with and ask for a printed boarding pass, they will be happy to oblige.

Can I check in with the airline if I am already overseas?

In most cases you can also check in online from abroad for your journey (on the airline’s website) and you can also print your boarding pass. With most airlines you can check in online 24 hours prior to departure.


We advise all our customers to check in online and to check the flight schedule 24 hours prior to departure. This way you will not be surprised and arrive at the airport on time.


If you are having problems or you are not able to check in online, you can also check in at the airport. Please note that some airlines charge you for airport check-in.

If I have check in luggage, can I still check in online?

If you have luggage to check, checking in online can still save you a little time; some airlines have a designated desk where you can drop off your bag without having to go through the whole check-in process. You can also use curb side check-in.


How much luggage can I take?

It depends on whether you are flying domestic or international. Domestic usually has limit of 15 Kg while most international flights have a limit of 23 Kg for checked in luggage and 7 Kg for cabin bag. The size of the luggage is limited to 107 Cm for checked in bag and UpTo knee length for cabin bag.


Class – economy, business or first. Economy has a 2 bag limit of above sizes in international flight and 1 bag limit in domestic. The limit increases with higher classes as  first class is entitled to 4 bags of 50 Kg each and business class is allowed 2 or 3 bags of 40 Kg each.


Airline – budget or full service. SpiceJet is a budget airline which allows only hand bags as free luggage. For everything else you have to pay just like JetBlue in the USA. Charges for luggage according to number of bags after a limit. On the other hand air India or jet allows limit on weight after which additional weight has to be paid for just like any other airline in the world.


Cumulative factors – a mix of all three. Please check with you airline as well because airline policies changes according to demands, flight capacity and season of travelling.

My luggage is sporting equipment, how can I arrange this?

Your sporting equipment – such as golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, scuba diving apparel, skis and bicycles – counts towards your free baggage allowance. If you exceed this allowance, the usual additional baggage charges will apply. This policy also applies if you’re travelling to or from the USA.


Any item above 32 Kg as checked baggage, these items may have to be re-packed or sent as cargo. Connect with your local cargo agent prior to your travel if you wish to transport any item above 32 Kg as cargo.

I would like to add extra luggage to my current allowance

You may purchase additional baggage allowance online or at the airport. Save more when you pre-book baggage online before departing to the airport.


Each guest can purchase up to 40 Kg per way, per person. Should you have 40 Kg or more of checked baggage, we recommend that each checked baggage should not exceed 32 Kg.


Any guest exceeding their personal checked baggage allowance will be charged for excess baggage at the prevailing rate on the day of travel. Excess baggage charges are quoted and billed in the departure country’s currency.


The pooling or sharing of checked baggage allowances is only allowed for those who are travelling on the same itinerary (booking number) and conduct baggage drop/check-in together.

Can I take my pet with me and what are the costs involved?

Most airlines will allow small pets to travel. They have specific weight limits and only a certain number of pets are allowed on each flight. The charge will range from $50.00-$175.00 depending on the airline.


When a pet travels in the cabin, the airlines call the pet “accompanied baggage.” If you want your pet to travel in the cabin as accompanied baggage, you must be a passenger travelling on the same flight as your pet. Most airlines place a limit on the number of pets allowed in the cabin, so make sure to check with the airline prior to booking your ticket. At that time, ask for the airline’s rules on pet travel, including the recommended dimensions of your pet’s carrier and the types of pets the airline will allow in the cabin.


If your pet is a larger animal, the airline may decide to stow the pet in the cargo hold with the baggage. Below are some helpful tips and more information about travelling with pets.


The pet should be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned.


The pet cannot be ill, violent, or in physical distress.


According to the RSPCA and many veterinarians, as well as most airlines, pets should not be sedated for air travel. If you are concerned about your pet being over anxious during travel, then please discuss this with your veterinarian. Make sure that your pet’s nails are trimmed to avoid snagging on the travel crate’s door or some other object.


The pet should have all necessary health certificates and documentation. The travel crate must meet the airline’s standards and be large enough for the pet to lie down comfortably, turn around, and stand freely. Mark the crate with “Live Animal — This Side Up” and include your name, address, and telephone number in case she gets lost or misplaced in transit. You also should include the name, address, and telephone number of your destination. New Regulations — Containers constructed after October 1, 2000 must meet the following requirements — The door must be constructed of welded or cast metal of sufficient gauge or thickness to prevent the animal from bending or distorting the door. The door hinge and locking pins must engage the kennel by at least 1.5 cm (5/8″) beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening where the pins are fitted.


Your pet may be more comfortable if you place an old towel, blanket, or toys in the crate.


Book a nonstop flight and take temperatures into consideration. During the summer, fly at night when it’s often cooler. In the winter, fly during the day when it’s warmer.


Certain short-nosed dogs such as pugs cannot breathe well in air plane cargo areas. Avoid flying with these particular breeds.

Do not feed your pet just before travelling due to the potential for an upset stomach during the flight. Give your pet frozen water or, if possible, some ice cubes that will melt slowly (and hopefully will not dump out during boarding).


Plan your trip well in advance and make sure you follow all airline regulations. Plan to check-in at the airport at least three hours before the flight departs.


Federal law prohibits you from taking your pet out of the carrier while you are in the plane’s cabin.

Can my children take the same amount of luggage?

Infants (under 2 years) not occupying a seat are entitled to 1 piece of checked baggage of maximum 23 Kg. 

Children (between 2-11 years) are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as the baggage allowance for adults according to the class of travel.


On top of the free baggage allowance you may also bring free of charge 1 infant’s carrying basket or 1 fully collapsible stroller/pushchair (in the hold) or 1 car seat. You may bring your stroller all the way up to the aircraft door and we will put it in the hold of the aircraft from there.


Please be informed that all baby strollers, including all types of collapsible strollers (for example Pockit Buggy’s) are not allowed in the cabin and must be stored in the hold.


How do I cancel my booking?

All bookings, once purchased by the customer, are subject to strict cancellation penalties depending on airlines/tour operators polices and number of days until departure. These penalties vary by travel operator and in many cases the packages can be 100% non-refundable.


It is recommended that you carefully plan your travel dates and make sure that you have proper documentation before booking your travel arrangements. We also highly recommend purchasing travel insurance. Please contact us to see what is possible.

What are the costs incurred if I cancel my ticket, can I get a refund?

When you purchased your flight ticket, you likely had the option to upgrade to a flexible or refundable option. Check your booking information or call the airline to confirm what type of ticket you’re holding. No matter what type of ticket you have, read your airline’s terms and conditions for flight cancellations. Ticket types often have their own criteria for being refunded or changed.


Many budget savvy travellers book the the cheapest plane tickets that they can find. Unfortunately, cheap tickets are rarely refundable (but still worth getting). If you’ll be taking the trip eventually, see if there is an option to upgrade your ticket to a flexible one for an extra cost. This might be cheaper than buying a completely new ticket.


Why you should call your airline as soon as possible


When you know you won’t make your flight, call the airline immediately and ask for customer service. Many Australian airlines have a policy where you can change your flight details within the first 24 hours of booking free of charge. Though many airlines are notorious for being as helpful as a life jacket during a fire, there are some airline angels out there who can help you change your ticket or start the process of getting a refund.


First ask for a refund, then pursue a voucher or flight change. Note that the closer you are to your departure date, the harder it is to get your plane ticket refunded.

What happens if the airline cancels the flight, is my ticket cancelled?

Airlines do not guarantee flight schedules, so flight times are subject to change. In most cases, you shouldn’t expect much if a flight is cancelled. Airlines cancel flights for many reasons, and the compensation you’re entitled to depends on the circumstances of the cancellation.


Some airlines will attempt to contact passengers if the flight is cancelled prior to the day of departure, using contact information from the reservations process. And, airlines suggest that passengers confirm their itineraries at least 24 hours prior to departure.


If an airline cancels for reasons beyond its control (e.g., weather, air traffic delays, or a strike), it will not, in most cases, offer compensation to delayed passengers. However, if a flight is cancelled due to events within the airline’s control (e.g., required maintenance, lack of flight crew), travellers may be entitled to compensation.


The first step airlines make is to rebook you on the next flight with available seats, in the same class of service as your original flight, at no additional charge. Some (but not all) airlines will rebook passengers in a higher class of service if the original class is full. If your ticket is for business or first class and space is not available, an airline will often rebook you in coach class and offer a partial refund. And, if you opt not to fly due to the cancelled flight, you will often be issued a refund for the unused portion of the ticket. If there aren’t any available seats with your carrier, it will often arrange for you to fly another carrier to your destination.

If I miss my flight or connection is my booking automatically cancelled?

It depends on the airlines involved. With the majority of airlines, if you miss any portion of your flight, all remaining sectors (including the return) are automatically cancelled.


That being said, a few airlines book their outbound and returns as separate one way tickets and missing the outbound would have no effect on the return.

Can I get a booking re-issued if I cancel my ticket by mistake?

Usually the answer is “No”, it is not possible to re-issue a ticket once the reservation is cancelled with the airline. If the fare has not be refunded it may be possible to re-book another reservation on the same flight, this all depends on the airline.


Please contact us to see if we can assist or contact the airline that the ticket is booked through to see if they can assist.


My name on the ticket is not correct

When you arrive at the airport at the check-in desk and the name on your flight ticket does not exactly match the first and last name in accordance with your passport, you will not be allowed to board the flight, in accordance with the rules of the airline.


What should you do when the name on your flight ticket is incorrect?


To avoid being refused on your flight or having trouble during your trip, it is always advisable to change a wrong name on your flight ticket (if allowed).


Airlines call this a name change and are only possible if the (fare) conditions of your flight ticket and airline allow this. Sometimes, at a number of airlines, it is only possible to change your name if you have not been checked-in (online) yet.


Can you change a wrong name on a flight ticket yourself via the website of the airline?


To do a name change, you always need to contact Online Travel Direct, the booking website you booked through or the airline, because your flight ticket must be changed properly and reissued under the correct name.


What is the procedure for a name change?


Check the conditions concerning name changes – Before you take action to change your name, first check the fare conditions concerning name changes on your flight ticket. You have received these together with your flight ticket or can be found on the website of the airline.


For all airfares and flight tickets, certain fare conditions apply. Whether a name change is allowed and under which conditions, differs per airline and may even differ per rate. For example, it can occur that a name change on an economy class flight ticket may not be allowed or only against a surcharge. While on a business class flight ticket a name change may be allowed (against a surcharge).


With a number of airlines, a name change can also only be permitted till a certain period before departure, for example till 24 hours before departure.


Check the surcharge concerning name changes – In the fare conditions not only is described whether a name change is allowed, but also whether a change fee and / or administration costs apply.


If you can change a name in accordance with the airline’s conditions, it will sometimes be possible free of charge, but mostly you will have to pay a change fee to have your name changed. These change fees can also vary per airline and by fare class. Changes fees are calculated in various ways:


> A one time change fee.

> Change fee per passenger, per flight (segment).

> Change fee per passenger, per flight (segment), plus any difference in fare and / or tax.

> Change fee plus any difference in fare and / or tax between your old and the “new” flight ticket.

> Cancellation fee old booking, change fee plus any difference in rate and / or tax.


When you have booked your flight ticket via a booking website and you want to change your name, please bear in mind that in addition to the change fee for the name change, also administration costs can be charged. Changing an airline ticket is actually done by an employee of the booking website and administrative costs cover these actions. But there is also a number of airlines which charges additional administrative costs.

How much does it cost to change or alter my ticket?

Every ticket has its own conditions when it comes to changing a flight date. You can find the exact conditions for your flight in your booking request acknowledgement under ´View ticket conditions´. Please note, it is also possible that your ticket cannot be changed.


If you wish to change the date of your outbound or inbound flight you can at least expect the following costs (if changes are permitted):


Airline change fee: AUD 150 p.p.


Tariff difference: based on availability (also p.p.)


Please note, these costs are an indication and not the exact change costs.

Can I change my flight date if my holiday details change?

Changing a flight ticket always involves costs. If we need to change your ticket we must follow the conditions stated by the airline. You can read these conditions on your booking request acknowledgement under the header: ‘View ticket conditions’. In some cases, the airline’s conditions may state that changes are not permitted.

My flight was changed by the airline, can I be compensated?

Are airlines allowed to change my flights? Yes, but only 14 days or more before departure, and they have to tell you. … However, if a flight number is changed it might mean the flight has been cancelled, and therefore you might be eligible for compensation or a refund. Please check our Compensation page to see if you are eligible.


Schedule changes are always made by the airline, not by us. The airline is responsible for the transport of passengers to the destination that was originally purchased by the customer. However, airlines have the right to make changes to the flight schedule at any time.


Although schedule changes are made by the airline, we do our best to help you in the “processing” of your schedule change. It is never possible to keep your original flight.


Minor schedule change:


A minor change to your schedule doesn’t require action. You will receive an email from us regarding the schedule change. You can use your original e-ticket to travel. You don’t need to confirm the schedule change to us.


Major schedule change:


When a major change to your schedule is made, the airline needs your confirmation. In this case, you will receive an email that includes a button to confirm the schedule change.


We strongly recommend that you check in online 24 hours prior to your departure to be updated on your flight schedule.

If I am travelling economy can I change my booking to business class?

There’s more than a curtain separating business class passengers from the rest of us at the back of the plane.


Sure, added benefits like amenity kits, pyjamas, china crockery, fine wine and starched linen serviettes are lovely. The real difference, however, between travelling in the front or the back of the plane is your arrival condition. Business class passengers step from the plane refreshed, relaxed, their clothes crisp and prim, hair and makeup immaculate.


Economy class passengers, on the other hand, emerge dishevelled, akin to being homeless and sleeping rough. Which in effect they have.


The extra comfort is something that generally comes with a cost. Many travellers baulk when they see the difference in price of an economy and a business seat. However, there are several ways to find cheap business class tickets.


So, what’s the secret to travelling business (or, dare we dream big, first) class on an economy budget? We’ve got a few travel hacks to help you get those cheap business class tickets to Europe, America, Asia and more.


7 effective ways to get cheap business class tickets:


1. Find cheap business class flights by being flexible
2. Book with low-cost carriers
3. Bid for an upgrade in online auctions
4. Upgrade with frequent flyer loyalty programs
5. Wait for sales on business class airfares
6. Travel alone
7. Dress nicely and be polite


Do I need a Visa for my trip?

Many governments require visitors to obtain travel visas in order to enter their country. A travel visa is not a guarantee of permission to enter a particular country, but it signals to customs agents and border officials that the traveller in question has met the entry criteria that the country in question has established.


What Will I Need to Submit With My Visa Application?


In most cases, you will need to apply for a travel visa before your trip begins, although some countries will issue visas upon your arrival. You will need to submit your valid passport, photographs of yourself, an application form, and your fee. In some cases, you will also need to provide additional documents or copies of documents. Typically, your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your visa application, although this requirement varies by country. Even if your visa is rejected, you should expect to pay a fee for handling.


Which Countries Require Visas?


Whether or not your destination requires a visa depends on your citizenship. Your best source of information is your country’s Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Foreign Office, or a similar agency. Consult the website of this agency or department and search for the countries you plan to visit. You should be able to find country-specific information that details visa requirements. You can also consult the website of the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit.


Some countries allow you to apply for a Visa online and others will require an in-person visit to the consulate or embassy. Many embassies maintain websites in a variety of languages and offer information on visa applications, fees, and processing times. You can also telephone the embassy or consulate nearest to you to get information on the visa application process.


Australian citizens can search for the country on the Australian Government website to see if they will need to obtain a visa before their trip.


How Do I Apply for a Visa?


When applying for a visa, your best information source will be the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit.Some visas can be applied for online and others will require an in-person visit to the consulate or embassy. Many embassies maintain websites in a variety of languages and offer information on visa applications, fees, and processing times. You can also telephone the embassy or consulate nearest to you to get information on the visa application process.


Each country has specific requirements for visa applications, and fees and processes may vary based on your own citizenship. Be sure you understand the application process before you send money, passports, or related documents anywhere. Allow plenty of time for delays, questions, and problems. Keep copies of everything you send and follow application instructions carefully. If the instructions do not make sense to you, call the embassy or consulate and ask for clarification.


You may be able to use an approved visa processing agency if you do not live near an embassy or consulate. For example, China has approved several visa processing agencies for use by United States citizens. Before sending money or official documents to any agency, carefully research this option, starting with your destination country’s embassy website.


Even if your destination country does issue visas upon arrival, you may want to consider applying for your visa in advance. You will save time and gain peace of mind knowing that your visa is secure before your trip begins.

What if my name includes special characters/accents?

Assuming all else is correct – like first name, middle name(s) if any, DOB, gender, etc –  this should not be a major issue.


Unfortunately “names” are somewhat difficult as not all names are written in the roman English character set.. And some regions use 4 names, others use only 1… So it’s somewhat hard to have a booking engine that can ferret out all the possible name permutations by their various passengers.


That said, it would advisable to prepared to show official documentation that your name includes several non-English characters – and that the booking cane back to you with these characters omitted.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail but I have paid

Flight confirmation emails are sent directly by the airline.  If you have recently purchased a ticket and have not received your email confirmation yet, it is because the airline is still processing it. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, take up to 4 hours to send the email confirmation. Call their reservation department directly if you still have not received your confirmation after 4 hours. 


When you are missing your confirmation email, do the following:


1 – Make sure your purchase actually went through. Consult your credit card statement to see if there is a charge.


2 – Call the airline or merchant listed next to your charge and ask about the status of your ticket. For 3rd party booking sites, you will want to call right away to make sure no extra verification is needed to process your transaction. 

Do I need to add my Passport details to my booking?

Most airlines do not need specific passport information for your booking: if they do, it will be requested during booking.


You can always log in on the airline’s website to check your booking and add passport details if required. Or you can enter the information during online check-in.

Am I required to have vaccinations for international travel?

Some countries require you to show proof of vaccination for certain diseases in order to apply for a visa. Any vaccinations required to apply for a visa will be clearly outlined in the Visa application process.  However, additional vaccinations may be recommended for you.


To determine if vaccinations are recommended for your travel itinerary, please contact your local physician.


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