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Do’s and Don’ts in Australia

Australia is a country that offers a variety of tourist destinations. Because of this, there are millions of tourists who want to explore and discover what the country has to offer. But just like any other country, Australia has its do’s and don’ts that foreign people must obey. Here are the common manners that tourists, especially first-timers, should keep in mind.


Carrying Identity Documents


Passport. Source: Pixibay


Always bring the necessary identity documents or ids with you. There would be times that you will be asked by the local officials to present any form of identification. Most times, you will need it if you are going into a pub, going into their public transportation, or driving.


Getting Used to Swearing Words


Alphabet. Source: Pexels


If you are from a conservative country, saying curse words would be awkward and intolerable. But in Australia, swearing is one of their forms of expressing and communicating themselves to others. Getting used to swear words is a must for all tourists, especially if you are staying for longer days and weeks.


Learn How to Use the Term ‘Mate’

Young Man

Young Man. Source: Pexels


As soon as you land your feet into Australia, you can start hearing, “G’day, Mate” or “How are you doing Mate?”. Australians widely use the term mate into different situations. You would hear this word to Australian men. If you are a man visiting the country, do not try to accompany the term when talking to a woman as Australian ladies rarely use ‘mate’ as one of their common lingos.


Avoid Giving Tips


Waitress. Source: Pixibay


Giving tips in Australian restaurants is not a necessary gesture. Waiters and other restaurant staff are being paid fairly by their employers, so they rarely rely on getting any tips from their customers.


Observe Cleanliness

Trash Bin

Trash Bin. Source: Pixibay


Just like in Singapore, Australia has a strict implementation of cleanliness. They prohibit littering and smoking in public places. They also don’t allow people to spread their germs by not using any tissue or covers when sneezing. They believe that it can be passed into public transportation if you use your hand to cover it.


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