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Essential Things to Remember When Visiting Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Being known for its majestic Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park, it’s no wonder that many tourists are attracted to the country. Locals are also noted for providing their friendliness and kindness towards people. But as like the other countries, Zimbabwe also has its customs and etiquette that travelers should be aware of.


Here are the essential things that you must remember when visiting Zimbabwe, especially for the first time.


Wear decent clothes. The locals of Zimbabwe are known for their hospitality and warmth. However, be mindful of wearing skimpy clothes as locals would keep their eyes off you.

Decent Clothes

Decent Clothes. Source: Pixabay


Zimbabweans don’t mainly show their emotions to the public. Getting angry and frustrated in front of other people may be frowned upon so be careful in exhibiting it publicly.

Zimbabwean Woman

Zimbabwean Woman. Source: Pixabay


Although known for their friendliness, locals would approach tourists in the formal and reserved manner. Don’t misunderstand it as they are very respectful people, especially in meeting for the first time. They would soon offer their warmth as soon as you get to know them.


Welcome. Source: Pixabay


After establishing rapport with them, Zimbabweans love to talk about themselves. Subjects like education, occupation, and hobbies are the everyday matters that you would be hearing from them. Expect to answer these things as they would like to get to know you better.

Personal Questions

Personal Questions. Source: Pixabay


Avoid displaying affection in public. Kissing and holding hands in front of people are considered rude and offensive.

Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection. Source: Pixabay


Taking photos of locals and places without permission is viewed as impolite. If you really want to take a snapshot, politely ask them. If they don’t say yes to your request, don’t take it heavily and move forward with other places and things.

Taking Picture

Taking Picture. Source: Unsplash

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