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Top-Rated Places to Visit in France Aside from Paris

France has millions of tourists that visit them annually. In some of the latest records, the country ranks in the top spot as the most visited country in the world. Last year, France was recorded to have more than 80 million visitors. The primary and common reason why people are getting hooked with the country’s

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Basic Etiquette and Manners in France

France, also known as the city of love, attracts millions of tourists all around the world with its famous attractions and delightful specialty food. However, to fully enjoy the much-awaited vacation in France, proper etiquette and manners should be determined.   Greetings   The standard form of greeting in France is called “la bise”. It

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Foods You Should Not Miss in France

France offers a lot of fun activities that attract tourists all over the world. But they say that if you haven’t tasted one’s local cuisine in the country makes you like you haven’t experience the best travel vacation that you can have. Without further ado, here are the top foods that you shouldn’t miss if

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