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Frankfurt is the most famous tourist destination.


Frankfurt has great importance among the different cities of Germany as the center of economy, business and money in Germany, and Frankfurt also includes many high-rise buildings that made the town bear the title “Manhattan of Germany.” Still, the city has another face that is the most beautiful, including historic buildings, archaeological and fantastic tourist attractions, making tourism in Frankfurt an enjoyable thing that many prefer.

Frankfurt is a business city and a distinctive mixture that combines the past and the present in beautiful harmony. So, if you intend to travel soon with tourism in Germany, we recommend that you visit Frankfurt and enjoy seeing the modern high-rise towers and buildings. The historical and archaeological buildings and many places Tourist attractions in Frankfurt are worth a visit. Now, let’s take an exciting tour to learn about Frankfurt’s most critical and prominent tourist places.

Frankfurt’s most important landmarks:

Römerberg Square

Romerberg Square is the first witness that Frankfurt’s German city is a fantastic mix between the past and the present. The famous water fountain known as the Fountain of Justice is one of the square’s famous landmarks.

Romerberg Square is famous for establishing many temporary markets and the most famous of these markets held in celebration of Christmas or Christmas, so Romerberg Square is one of the most important tourist places in Frankfurt that is recommended to visit.

The Römer Building

The Römer Building is one of Germany’s most prominent tourist attractions in general and in Frankfurt. It dates back to about six centuries ago, as it dates back to the Middle Ages. It was used as a city hall for the entire 600 years.

Now it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Frankfurt. You can enjoy several things, seeing the ancient building and its inscriptions, most notably the phoenix’s inscription. The magnificent painting of German emperors adorns the building’s interior walls and contains a distinctive drawing of 52 German emperors. You can also enjoy taking the most beautiful pictures of the building and its decorations.

Goethe House

Many tourists are interested in visiting the famous playwright Johann Goethe’s home, especially one of his fans. Goethe’s house, which he lived in until the age of sixteen, still retains its complete form before Goethe leaves him and moves to Leipzig to complete his law studies.

Goethe’s house is one of Frankfurt’s most prominent landmarks. It witnesses multiple visits by those interested in knowing the famous writer and author’s life, as the house gives them a full opportunity to learn about his life and the atmosphere in which he lived. The house is a famous museum and is among the most important tourist attractions in Frankfurt.

Main Tower

The central tower in Frankfurt or the Main Tower is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Frankfurt. The fourth-largest in Frankfurt consists of 65 floors; the height is more than 200 meters. It gives visitors an enjoyable view of the city from the top.

You can visit the Main Tower to enjoy a wonderful and memorable tour by visiting the distinctive restaurant at the tower’s top. The sports club is the highest in Europe as it is located on the 53rd and 54th floors. And visitors can also take a fun shopping tour in the many stores in the tower of the most famous international brands. Taking stunning photos is an obvious thing while visiting the Main Tower, so don’t miss it on your Frankfurt trip.

Eiserner Steg

The Frankfurt Iron Bridge is a pedestrian bridge located in Frankfurt’s city center above the main river and is an important tourist attraction in Frankfurt; Where tourists are keen to visit and enjoy the fantastic view of the bridge with the river below.

The bridge has undergone many changes as it was built in 1868, then replaced by a more prominent bridge between 1911 and 1912, but this bridge was destroyed during World War II. It was built again in 1946, but it did not continue as well, as the iron bridge was renewed Entire in 1993 to become among the most important tourist places in Frankfurt.

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