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Bookings, Reservations and Payments

How do I book?

To proceed with a booking please click on the blue “BOOK NOW” button on the search you requested, fill in the relevant details required on the bookings form. Make the requested payment and you are done, it is that easy!

Is it available?

Due to differing hotel systems, live availability cannot always be checked at the time of quoting and the time lapse between your quote and booking request can mean a room may be sold. Your booking requests are automatically sent (24 hours a day) to the hotel or supplier for confirmation. Final Confirmations on booking requests are generally within 24 hours (up to 48 hours over weekends) Until you have received a confirmation of your booking, it is on a request basis and your payment will not be processed until final confirmations are received.

How can I contact you?

If you need assistance we are happy to help. You can contact us via email at

What if I don’t hear from you after I have made the booking request?

We respond to all booking requests. It’s possible our emails may be filtered out by some Spam programs, so please check your Junk folders just in case. If you do not receive a response from us please contact your Consultant by email

Hotmail/Yahoo addresses: If you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, please check your junk mail folder as these providers often send emails/PDF’s straight there and not to your inbox.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will only be charged if the booking has been confirmed exactly as quoted. If we are unable to confirm your booking as quoted, you will not be charged.

Do you charge Merchant Fees?

We charge Merchant Fees on deposit and final payments of 1.37% for Credit Card payments.

What if I have special requests?

The booking form gives you the opportunity to let us know your special requests. All requests are passed onto the property and these will be accommodated by the property where ever possible.

Please be aware that room location & early check-in/late check-out requests cannot be guaranteed.

What does my quote include?

All inclusions are outlined in your quote. For example, unless breakfast is specifically mentioned, the quote is for room only. Please note that Package Prices promoted on our website often include items such as transfers and tours. These items need to be selected in your Quote.

The rule to remember is: If it’s listed on your Quote, it’s included in your package.

Items such as transfers and tours listed on Specials may not be complimentary. They form part of the total package price.

Is my quote per person or the total for my group?

The cost on your quote is for the total number of people travelling in your group.

I do not like entering my credit card details online

As secure delivery of your credit card information is essential, we use Secure Sockets Layer technology, and public-key security. During transmission of your credit card details, the encryption software will transfer your information from your browser to our server in an encrypted form that eliminates any possibility of the information being intercepted enroute over the internet. You may advise credit details by phone, however we do not recommend it.

What if I do not have a credit card?

Contact your consultant via email and you will be advised on other payment options.

What is a Stay/Pay?

A Stay/Pay deal is where you pay for a certain number of nights and receive some nights free of charge.

Example: Stay 4 Nights/Pay 3 Nights – The total stay is 4 nights but you only pay for 3 nights – 1 night is free.

Are there any specials?

All current specials are shown at the time of quoting. For all specials please refer to our specials.

Are there any specials?

All current specials are shown at the time of quoting. For all specials please refer to our specials.

What if I need to cancel or amend my booking?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

General Traveller Information

What will the weather be like?

Obviously the weather can be variable no matter when or where your travel. Climate information can give you a good guide to average temperatures and rainfall data. We strongly recommend you research the climate of the destination you are travelling to and we also recommend you purchase Travel Insurance, just in case inclement weather impacts your travel plans.

Australia’s Climate?

Being a vast country, Australia’s climate varies from wet and tropical, dry and hot or cold and snowy depending on where you are. Sydney is in the southern Temperate Zone and does not suffer extremes of cold or heat. Seasons in Australia are the reverse of North America and Europe. Summer is December to February, autumn (fall) March to May, winter June to August, and spring September to November. The Sydney climate is similar to coastal California and the northern Mediterranean. Summer temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity, particularly around February.

The further north you go, the hotter it gets with a definite ‘wet’ season in Tropical North Queensland – Great Barrier Reef and the Top End of the Northern Territory. For those who like to ski, there is excellent snow and facilities in New South Wales and Victoria in Winter.

Temperature Conversion:

For visitors more accustomed to using Fahrenheit for temperatures than Celsius, the simplest method for an approximate conversion is to double the Celsius temperature and add 32. Hence, 20 degrees Celsius = (2×20)+32 = 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Capital city temperatures:

Cairns summer 31C winter 18C
Brisbane summer 29C Winter 10C
Whitsundays summer 29C winter 12
Alice Springs summer 36C winter 6C
Hobart summer 22C winter 4C
Melbourne summer 27C winter 5C
Sydney summer 26C winter 8C
Darwin summer 32C winter 19C
Adelaide summer 30C winter 14C
Perth summer 32C winter 8C

Wherever you go though, remember that the Australian sun is very powerful so sunscreen and a hat should be part of your everyday hand luggage.

Do I need an international drivers licence to hire a car?

All drivers must hold a current, non-probationary licence (with an English translation shown on the licence) from their country of residence, or an international drivers permit. Licences (and a valid passport) must be carried at all times when driving, and for rentals longer than three months, licence regulations should be checked with the motor registration authority on arrival in Australia.

When is the best time to go scuba diving?

Scuba divers will be rewarded in many areas of Australia, not just the Great Barrier Reef. There are also excellent dive spots around Sydney, off the NSW & Queensland coast. Wherever there is good diving there will be professional dive shops with instructors for all levels and gear hire. Diving in Australia is available year round, sunlight will make visibility better and turbulent weather, rough seas and rain can also effect visibility.

How long does it take to drive from Sydney to Cairns?

Visitors to Australia are always surprised at the size of Australia and the time and distance it takes to travel between places. Sydney to Cairns is 2447km or about 36 hours continuous driving with limited toilet stops.

Are the jellyfish dangerous?

Most jellyfish in Australia are harmless gelatinous creatures with umbrella like bodies and flowing tentacles. However, the box jellyfish, found in tropical Queensland, are extremely nasty. Called stingers they can inflict excruciating pain and even death from a single brush. In the wet season (November to April) they live off the coast and swimming is only advised in enclosed areas (most beaches have these). The good news is, these jellyfish are never found on the Great Barrier Reef itself so it is safe to swim, snorkel and dive there all year round. But, on the coast, observe the signs.

Where can I get an Australian Visa from?

If you are planning a holiday or short trip to Australia you will need to apply for either a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). For more information please see the following website:

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