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Best Mountaineering Destinations in the World

Mountain lake

Mountaineering and looking for the perfect places to fulfill this passion? Here, we browse the world’s best mountaineering destinations for your next adventure inspiration. Are you ready? Forget idyllic beach destinations and immerse yourself in the mountains when planning your next exciting vacation. The faint of heart cannot bear climbing the tops of the most

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Top 10 Winter Destinations, Pay a little and Get Warm.


Whether you are looking for a trip abroad at the beginning of the New Year or trying to avoid the annoying cold in the winter, there are warm and sunny tourist destinations that you can go to at the beginning of the new year. The beautiful thing is that you will not have to spend

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Essential Tips When Traveling with Your Kids

Unlike your solo backpacking, traveling with your kids will be a bit challenging. There are various adjustments and requirements that you usually don’t do and bring during your solo travels. It may be stressful and more tiring, but traveling with your children will be the most satisfying moments of your family.   This article will

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Should I Get Vaccinated Prior to Travel?

Travel Vaccinations It’s important to protect yourself by making sure that you are vaccinated against diseases that you might encounter when travelling overseas. Visit your doctor at least 6 weeks before you leave your country.   Get vaccinated before you travel While many infectious diseases have been controlled in Western Countries due to widespread vaccination and

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How Far in Advance Should I Book Flights

  Planning a well-deserved getaway trip and trying to find the cheapest day to buy airline tickets can turn into a costly and frustrating game of hit and miss, for even the most experienced of travellers. There are also important factors to consider that determine the best day of the week to buy flights —

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Cheapest Time to Travel to?

January: Los Angeles Domestic: Los Angeles You can save 33 percent on hotels in the city of angels this month, when the nightly average rate for four-star properties dips down to $212—the lowest all year. Spend the leftover cash on hot restaurants, like Trois Familia (by Ludo Lefebvre and the guys from Animal) or Otium, an ambitious new

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Tips for Solo Travelling

Solo Travel Safety: 50+ Tips for Those Who Travel Alone Travelling solo requires some special attention to safety.   You alone must: prevent problems from arising be aware when they could or do arise decide how to manage them if they do arise. Prevention comes first.   In all my travels (I travel about three months a

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How Do I Arrange a Visa?

Before obtaining a visa, travellers should first determine whether or not the country they’re travelling to requires one. For instance, some countries like Russia and Australia require you to have a visa regardless of the duration of your stay, even if you’ll be in the country for just two days. Luckily, many countries only require

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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

We believe so, as travel cover provides peace of mind for a range of scenarios, including injury or illness, when you’re travelling both in Australia and abroad.   When travelling internationally, you aren’t always afforded the same health care services and cover as you are in Australia. Moreover, you can’t always access these services without

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