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Getting to Know Morocco’s Customs and Etiquette

Every country has its own unique beliefs, customs, and traditions. This fact is one of the reasons why it is amazing to explore and know each country. With being said, Morocco is a country worth exploring but we must know its customs and etiquette to not only create memories but also build relationships among the locals.

Dressed Code

With Morocco as a Muslim country, it is important to note that traveling to this country would require you to follow their dressed code. If you don’t want to offend locals in Morocco, you must wear clothes that cover your body. This works for all people who will be visiting the country but it is in particular with women. Whenever you visit temples and mosques, wearing a headscarf will be required as a sign of respect to their religion.


Moroccans are friendly people. They may greet you with a handshake and a cheek to cheek kiss. This only occurs between people with the same sex. If a Moroccan woman wants to greet a man, she would extend her hand first. But if the woman would not extend her hand, a Moroccan man can show his acknowledgment by bowing his head to the other person.


Social Events

If you ever been invited by the locals to attend social events, you must remove your shoes or slippers before entering the door. As part of their customs, they will welcome you by inviting you to drink tea with mint. If you refuse them, it can be seen as a rude attitude. Before eating dinner, you will be required to seat in the floor mat around the table with a common dish in the middle. There will be a wash basin that are being carried before eating the meal. If the dish is served, you must wait for the host to eat first before you eat.

Moreover, it is part of their tradition to eat using right hands. Eating or taking food by the left hand can be interpreted as impure. You can also expect that Moroccans will offer various foods right after you’re done with eating. This is their way of showing their generosity to other people.

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