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Guide to Gastronomical Sweet and Flavorful Street Foods in the Philippines

The Philippines has been known for its natural wonders. There are indeed hundreds of beaches and natural destinations that can be enjoyed by local and international tourists. But getting to know the famous attractions is not enough to say that you have explored the place. As a tourist, you must also be familiar with the country’s delicacies. Getting to taste every well-known food is like knowing the history and culture of the place.


In this article, you would get to know the Philippines’ famous sweet street foods. These foods can be spotted easily at every typical Filipino street. There can be stalls that sell these street foods, but most of the time, Filipinos sell street food by walking through every street or the improvised mobile vehicle that can move from one place to another.


Mango Shrimp Paste

Mango Shrimp Paste

Mango Shrimp Paste. Source: Flickr


Mango shrimp paste is a street food that has a combined taste of sour, salty, and spicy flavors. It consists of unripe mangoes which are cut into halves then poked onto skewers and pungent shrimp paste that spread nicely into the mangoes.


Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice. Source: Flickr


With the country’s location and climate, it is blessed with so many types of fruits and vegetables. One of the common fruits that Filipinos take pride is coconut. As most of us know, coconut fruit can be beneficial in different situations. But the primary use that we can get from coconut fruit is its nutritious water inside. Filipinos love to drink coconut juice all the time, especially during the summer season.




Taho. Source: Flickr


Even though soft silken tofu originally comes from China, Filipinos have their version of making this food well-known with them. Taho is a mixture of soft silken tofu and sugar syrup with sago at the top. Servings are usually in small and big plastic cups.


Banana Cue

Banana Cue

Banana Cue. Source: Flickr


Banana Cue is made up of bananas and coated caramelised sugar. It usually served as three bananas on skewers. This food also serves as an afternoon snack of the Filipinos.




Halo-Halo. Source: Flickr


This famous food is an all-time favourite dessert of the Filipinos. It consists of various and colourful ingredients such as bananas, beans, sago (jellies or pearls), slices of jack fruit, sweet corn, ube (sweet yam), evaporated milk, ice cream, leche flan, and crushed ice. This dessert can be easily spotted on every street, especially during the summer season.


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