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Honeymoon in Singapore, there are great romantic places.


Singapore may not seem an attractive place for a couple to spend their honeymoon vacation. Still, this miracle created by the human hand may be one of the romantic spots, even between artificial attractions and a few natural places. Nevertheless, we assure you that a honeymoon in Singapore will be an unforgettable experience among the exciting attractions. In a romantic story that you may tell everyone.

Singapore includes many luxurious and upscale hotels that provide comfort and relaxation for the couple, which everyone is looking for when it comes to a honeymoon trip. The island also includes a group of masterpieces of contemporary art and architecture that attract the old and the young, men and women. Some of them are lovely buildings that make you feel as if your taste. Humanity began to be made here in Singapore, especially in parks and artificial beaches with beautiful and beautiful displays of water fountains and lights everywhere closer to romantic scenes.

Places of interest that will convince you of the romance of Singapore

Suppose you are not satisfied with making a honeymoon trip to Singapore ultimately. In that case, it is good to spend days there, and let it be two or three nights when you travel to one of the islands of Malaysia that are recommended for a honeymoon or the charming islands of Indonesia as well, especially with the proximity of these two countries to Singapore. After your experience that may change your honeymoon’s view in Singapore, we recommend that you visit several beautiful places that are suitable for both of you together.



Changi Point Walk

You can head for a walk at Changi Point and the coastal walks of the most beautiful and romantic places, which is a lovely outlet overlooking stunning sea views with many marine houses and boats that sail in the area. Alternatively, you can also join cruise trips down the Singapore River and see Clark Pier, Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion and the city’s landmarks from different perspectives.

One of the beautiful natural places is the Bukit Batuk Park, which couples go to especially to take the most beautiful photographs. Perhaps you will feel the value of this place when you encounter several couples with photographers who take wedding photographs for them, and the gardens on the bay “Garden by The Bay” Man-made simulation of the beautiful nature that will dazzle you with art amidst gardens.

Dinner in the Jewel Square and an evening in the Esplanade

And because your honeymoon has to immortalize it with something extraordinary, we suggest that you two play with the dolphins in the blue lakes located on the romantic St.John Island filled with gardens. If you want something more romantic, then the Jewel BoX box will be the best for a romantic dinner. At the same time, you are suspended in the sky in one of the cable cars To Mt. Faber Park, an opportunity to see the city from a beautiful view in the evening.

In the late evening and after dinner, there is nothing better than going to Marina Bay Sands to watch the shows of its fountains that combine laser lights and water dances. You can also go to the Esplanade Theater in Singapore on the second night’s evening, where it hosts artistic, expressive, symphony and theatrical performances throughout the year.



Sentosa Island is fascinating.

On the second day, perhaps a dose of fun and excitement on Sentosa Island will be required for both of you. This exciting artificial island includes many popular destinations such as the underwater world to watch marine life or the kingdom of butterflies and insects to see plants and flowers and even birds and small animals. You can also go to Sentosa beaches to relax a little on the soft white sand imported from Malaysia to sleep along 3 km of the artificial island coast.

You can head to the Universal Studios complex for more excitement, where you can watch live shows from Hollywood productions. Enjoy their games in various sections, or head to the Tiger Tower, which is the highest viewing platform in Singapore.

The Ritz-Carlton, one of the most luxurious accommodations

Finally, suppose you are looking for the most beautiful and luxurious accommodations in Singapore that are suitable for couples. In that case, the Ritz-Carlton in Millenia will be the perfect destination for both of you, as it offers you a fantastic view of Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline in general. You will be lost in it among a group of artworks by artists. Are famous.

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