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India as you have never known it before


Tourism in India is known as a combination of calm and comfort, and between fun, entertainment and culture. It would then be best to go to India, as tourism and wandering in India are a mixture of calm and bustle. It enjoys quiet areas that provide comfort and relaxation and other noisy areas full of fun and enjoyment.

Tourist places and historical monuments abound in India, making it difficult to hike in the country and explore in several days. It may take months to visit whatever you want, but you have to choose and focus on specific landmarks or places to enjoy them more.

The choice is between different cities, each of which is distinguished by something different from the others; for example, there are quiet and noisy cities. There are cities for lovers of art and cinema and others for fans of music and festivals. There are also family cities for all family members to enjoy, so you must choose between their various Tourist destinations.



Taj Mahal

One of the best tourist places to visit in India and the most famous of all is the “Taj Mahal” mausoleum, which is located in the ancient city of Agra. The Taj Mahal is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture, a style that combines Persian, Turkish, Ottoman, and Indian architectural styles.



Charminar Mosque

The “Charminar” mosque, with its four towering minarets, is one of the most important religious symbols and monuments in South India’s jewel, the city of Hyderabad. Islamic architect, which is ideal for family holidays.



Mysore Palace

This palace is lit at night like a lamp from Aladdin’s magic lamps, and it is the most famous shrine in the city. The palace houses the oldest zoo in India and is a center for selling incense and delicate Indian silk fabrics.




Suppose you are looking for fun and love to get to know the world of Bollywood better. In that case, you should go to Mumbai, as it is the home of the Indian film industry and includes dozens of theatres and cinemas full of visitors and lovers of this distinctive Indian art, and it is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also distinguished by its popular markets that offer various goods, in addition to many beautiful and famous beaches in India, such as “Chowpatty” and “Juhu” beach, so that it can be an integrated destination for comprehensive tourism.



New Delhi

Suppose you are a fan of heritage and history. In that case, you need to go to the capital directly, as New Delhi has the Indian capital, New Delhi, like a living museum of various Indian religions and cultures, as there are sacred Hindu temples along with impressive Islamic shrines and buildings. It also includes the “Red Fort.” Overlooking the Yamuna Riverbank, which reflects the splendour of Mughal architecture, in addition to being full of vibrant popular markets, fun family gardens and museums, the most famous of which is the Gandhi Museum, it holds many surprises to present to its tourists.




India has not forgotten the art and music lovers, as the city of Chennai holds many annual cultural and musical festivals. One of its most famous festivals is the “Holi Festival,” which is one of the festivals held to welcome spring, and one of the most colourful festivals in India, as the crowds throw dye powder and spray Water, as well as dance in the streets. The “Kerala Festival” is held during the harvest season, when drums are played, and a tiger dance is performed.




If your children love to have fun and want the best places to make them happy, Bangalore is your destination, where the weather is moderate throughout the year. It is a resort surrounded by green nature and parks that allow your children to play and have fun, and it is also full of fun theme parks such as Wonderland amusement park and the oldest museums and institutes Scientific.




To enjoy the spirit of adventure and excitement, going to Goa provides you with that, as it is considered the jewel of tourism in India. It has many clean and excellent beaches suitable for families and youth—water sports on its coasts, adventure trips, camping and trekking in the nature reserves nearby.




The city of Kolkata includes many English-style palaces, as it is also one of the integrated cities suitable for family trips, as there are modern and luxurious shopping centers. Besides fun museums such as the Indian Museum with its vast garden, it also contains the largest cricket stadium in the world.




Darjeeling is famous for making tea and is surrounded by the stunning Himalayas. Everest can be seen from its green hills, and on every side, you can see green fields, mountains, and quiet rural villages whose residents live on their handicrafts and crafts. It is one of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations and is considered a destination by grooms, especially on honeymoon trips, due to its quiet romantic atmosphere.

Tourism in India is not limited to visiting tourist places and their attractions, enjoying the landscapes, and enjoying various festivals. Still, there is another type of enjoyment that you can experience in India, which is food, as Indian recipes vary due to the multiculturalism and different climatic nature from one city to another. As every city is famous for its distinctive dish or dish, we find that each of the Indian dishes tells a remarkable history and story combined with exceptional taste. The most famous of them are the Indian biryani dish and the jalebi sweets.

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