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Epic Adventure Activities For Bali

scuba diving

    From free diving to volcano climbing, here are five of the best adventure activities in Bali, Indonesia. Rice Terraces of Bali. While Bali is best known for its iconic rice paddies, cliff side temples and yoga retreats, this laid-back Indonesian island has its fair share of high-octane experiences. The lush jungle interior, forested

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Travel Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its incredible natural sights and delicious local foods. The famous paradise of Bali and tasty nasi goreng are some of the things that tourists all over the world go after in going to Indonesia. Although locals are welcoming and kind to tourists, being familiar with their customs would still be ideal

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Taste Indonesia’s Diversified Flavors

You can’t leave Indonesia without tasting their local dishes. The country is comprised of 6000 inhabited islands with more than 200 ethnic groups so you can expect a wide range of flavors to taste and experience. You can say that Indonesia is an excellent place for food lovers.   Here are the popular local dishes

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Surfing Destinations in Asia

With various attractions that many tourists love in different places, it’s no wonder that one activity that includes in the “to-do” lists of most tourists is surfing. Surfing is a great and thrilling experience that benefits our physical and emotional health. If you want to experience a memorable surfing experience, you must visit the countries

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Common Tourist Scams in Indonesia and How to Avoid It

Scams in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia. With this, the country has been blessed with the world-known attractions that make tourists all over the world to go crazy about going to this country. However, due to the economic conditions of the country, there are locals who would do terrible things to break the expected

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