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Three Non- Touristy Spectacular Places to Spend Your Holidays

If you are planning to have a unique and memorable holiday, then you might consider checking these three places that would mesmerize you with their charm and beauty.   Ravenna, Italy   Known for its historical landmarks of the Colosseum in Rome and picturesque canals in Venice, Italy is one country that you can visit

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Yummy Italian Food Dishes to Eat

Italy is considered to be one of the ‘must visit’ places for many of us. The country offers many historical and architectural landmarks that are wowed by different tourists around the world. Fun and exciting activities are also available in visiting each city.   But aside from these as we hear the country of Italy,

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A Glimpse on a Day’s Discover in Italy

Italy is a boot-shaped country in Europe. It has a long history of culture, arts, and religion that attracts millions of people in the world. The population of its capital and largest city – Rome, comprised of more than 80 percent of Roman Catholic people. With this, tourists should keep in mind the major Catholic

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Explore Rome – 10 Travel Tips

#1. Order house wine When dining out, order the vino della casa (house wine) over a bottle of wine. Not only does it taste just as good, but it’s much cheaper. It’s usually served by the litre and comes in a carafe.   #2. Pickpockets Pickpockets are all over the city, especially around monuments and archaeological sites.

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