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Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Perth for One Day

Kid-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Perth

Traveling is much more fun and exciting if you are with your family. It gets you to experience the same delightful feelings that can be great in collecting memories. However, traveling with a family member, especially kids, can make or break your trip. Having kids on board can mean adjusting your itineraries and budget as not all tourist attractions are suitable for the children.

But what would you do if you only have a day to travel and bond with them? Here in this article, we’ve listed down kid-friendly destinations in Perth, Western Australia that can be explored in a day.


AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia

AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia

AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia. Source: Pixabay


The Aquarium of Western Australia is a privately owned company that has a wide range of aquatic life forms. It aims to spread awareness to the public to preserve and rehabilitate the life of marine biodiversity. In this destination, kids would love various activities as they would see colorful and fantastic sea creatures. There are also workshops for kids that can raise their curiosity about marine life. This attraction can be a fun and informative experience to your kids and yourself as well.


Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum. Source: Pixabay


Western Australian Museum is another excellent kid-friendly tourist attraction. It showcases Perth’s rich-filled history and culture. There are exciting things to see in this museum, such as historical exhibits, Aboriginal galleries, scientific artifacts, and archaeological exhibitions.  The museum would never run out of exciting events that can be both enjoyed by kids and adults. Just be sure to arrive early before its opening hours as there are lots of people who visit this famous museum in Perth.


Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo. Source: Pixabay


Perth Zoo has a long history of displaying and preserving animal wildlife. With its 12 decades in operation, they are considered to be one of the pioneer zoos in the country. They have been entertaining and educating the public about animal wildlife preservation. Currently, the zoo features different animals and events that can visit more fun and engaging. Kids would surely love seeing diverse wildlife and can be a great bonding with them.


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