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Know the Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Fiji

Fiji Hand Peace Sign

Unknown to most tourists, Fiji offers a calming and charming sights to its visitors. With its great geographical location, you can experience excellent beaches and islands that are packed with pleasant and friendly locals. If you want the most exclusive vacation, then Fiji is for you! But just like other countries, they have their own customs that you should follow.


Do familiarise yourself with Fijian basic words


Although Fijians know English language, you still need to learn their basic words for better communication. The most common word that you would hear during your stay in the country is Bula (pronounce as boo-lah). There are a lot of meanings behind this word but generally it’s their friendly way of greeting a person.


Don’t be concerned about Fiji time

Fiji Airport

Fiji Airport. Source: Pixibay


If you happen to a delayed arrival in Fiji, you would probably hear locals saying “Fiji time”. Locals don’t pay much attention on time. Unlike our known notion about time, Fijian are laid-back people and have an abstract definition of time. This is due to their ancient cultures and traditions that are still left untouched by modernisation of the world.


Do expect to drink Kava


When you visit Fiji, prepare yourself to drink Kava. It is their mandatory welcoming drink that is made up from pepper plant. Most tourists said that it doesn’t taste very well and has a numbing effect on their mouths. But as part of respecting their culture and your adventure, drinking Kava would be a worthwhile experience for you.


Do anything relaxing on Sundays


Because of their relaxed nature, you would be seeing locals to take a rest during Sundays. Expect that all business establishments and other travel activities are not available on their rest  day. If you have planned your Sundays on an island hopping adventure, forget it as locals will not entertain you. Just spend a relaxing day for a day to energise yourself on the next day’s activities.

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