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The Do’s and Don’ts in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that offers its unique charm and beauty. It is a beautiful country that you can visit along with its neighboring lands. And just like the other countries, it also has its customs and traditions that tourists should be aware of. This article will provide several do’s and don’ts when

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Malaysia’s Famous Attractions (Modern Attractions Edition)

Malaysia has modern tourist attractions aside from its nature-filled nature parks. This country in Southeast Asia can prove that they can boost their economy through their tourist attractions.   Petronas Twin Tower Petronas Twin Tower is an 88-floor tower that was once considered as the tallest buildings in the world until 2004. It features identical

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Malaysia’s Famous Attractions (Nature Edition)

Malaysia is a small country in Southeast Asia that offers the blends of traditional and modern cities and cultures. It has a vibrant city with nature parks that are totally packed with wildlife rainforests. You can never underestimate what this country has to give you once you explore their simple yet rich filled culture.  

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