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New Zealand for Thrill-Seekers

New Zealand is known for its natural environment that attracts any type of tourist. It can be perfect for travelers who love to be with nature or those travelers who want to capture their moments in the scenic views of the country. Also, it can be great for travelers who are seeking an adventure. Such beauty can great for any type of traveler. But in this article, popular attractions will be featured for thrill-seekers.



Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park. Source: Pixabay


This UNESCO Heritage site is located in the South Island of New Zealand. It has mountains, rainforests, and trails that would surely love by thrill-seekers. Due to its popularity, Fiordland has named three well-known hiking tracks that can be explored within a day or a couple of days. The tracks are known as Milford, Routeburn, and Kepler Tracks.



Milford Tracks


Milford Tracks has been labeled as “the finest walk of the world”. Tourists would pass various points like Te Anau Lake, Mackinnon Pass, and Sandfly Point. As you explore it, you can see picturesque mountain views, lakes, ice fields, and waterfalls. It is advised to reserve slots in advance as only 40 hikers are allowed to hike per day.



Routeburn Tracks


Routeburn Tracks is known for alpine views and considered to be the most preferred walks of the Great Walks. Tourists can experience the feeling of walking at the top of the world. It features upland pastures, mountain highlands, waterfalls, and swing bridges that make the hiking journey a memorable and enjoyable experience. Hikers who would be exploring the national park can be camped out on this area.



Kepler Tracks


Kepler Tracks is located in the nearby town of Te Anau. Tourists can expect forest trails, scenic views of Te Anau valley and mountain alpine, and wetlands. Among the three, this track is the easiest as it offers less steep and family-friendly trails.





Glenorchy. Source: Pixabay


Glenorchy is the northernmost area of Lake Wakatipu in the South Island of New Zealand. It features the edge of Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks. As tourists start to explore the area, the Lord of the Rings vibe can be felt as it was one of the location settings of the movie. There are various activities that can be done on this site. Tourists can opt to hike the tracks of Routeburn, Mt. Crichton Loop, and Lake Sylvan Loop, or do kayaking to Lake Wakatipu, or explore the Glenorchy road to Paradise through biking.



Mt Cook National Park

Mt Cook National Park. Source: Pixabay


There are a lot of activities that can be done in Rimu. It is considered as the most famous destination of thrill-seekers in the South Island. Tourists can explore different hiking tracks such as Routeburn Track, Kepler Track, Punakaiki, and Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. Biking activities in the Te Araroa Track near Wanaka can also be a great option.


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