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New Zealand’s Sweet and Tasteful Food

The country of New Zealand is known for its natural landscapes and tourist attractions. Undoubtedly, any tourists would fall in love with the country’s scenic views and thrilling sites. But aside from hiking in Fiordland National Park or taking pictures in Hobbiton, the country also has a sweet and tasty foods that must be tried by all kinds of tourists.




Pavlova. Source: Pixibay


Pavlova is a meringue dessert that is made up of egg whites and sugar. Fruits are also added to this food to create more flavors. For producing texture, whipped cream is also added. Up until now, the origin of Pavlova remains unknown and still being disputed by Australians and Kiwis.




Jaffas. Source: Wikimedia


Jaffas is one of the favourite confectioneries of the locals. It is small sugar-coated chocolate balls that have an orange-flavoured taste. Due to its popularity, there’s an annual race called Jaffa Race wherein the candy is rolled down in the steep areas of Baldwin Street. If you happen not to catch this yearly event, there are Jaffas that can be purchased in any supermarket.


Hokey Pokey


Hokey Pokey is a caramelised vanilla ice cream that is very popular with the locals. Creating this dessert is easy to do, and only common ingredients will be used, such as sugar, baking soda, eggs, syrup, and cream. To enjoy this, mix the ingredients to the electric beaters and let it freeze. There is also hokey pokey ice cream in all supermarkets of New Zealand.


Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey. Source: Flickr


Manuka honey is the perfect food that will make you remember New Zealand. This honey is a sought after product by the international market. It is made of pollen from the manuka tree that can be found across the country. Locals believed that manuka honey could alleviate different types of illnesses like gingivitis and sore throats.



Afghans are made up of flour, cornflakes, sugar, and butter that is combined with cocoa and chocolate icing. Chopped walnuts are the standard finishing tops of this dessert. Unlike the typical dessert, afghans do not have too much sweet taste, and it has a denser and more luxurious texture. Coffee and tea are the perfect combinations with afghans.


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