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Go and See Nigeria’s Famous Attractions

Nigerian Flag

Nigeria is situated in the Western part of Africa. According to worldometers, it is the most populous country in Africa. With this fact, there are 250 ethnic groups that comprised the country. Also, there are untouched travel destinations that await all tourists all over the world.


Awhum Waterfall

Awhum waterfall is located in the village of Amaugwe of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu state. It is a 30-meter high waterfall that forms a beautiful scene as its water streams down to Awhum cave. It is believed that the water contains healing power and has the ability to dispel any demonic forces.


Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park is located in Ovia South Local Government Area in Edo State. This 200 km² park is a home of various endangered fauna and flora species.


Kamuku National Park

Kamuku National Park is situated in Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State. It has a vast species of birds and animals like elephants, baboons, antelopes, hyenas, and jackals. The park was built to create awareness of the local community about wildlife conservation. It has natural destinations like Dogon Ruwa Waterfall, Mai’lawa Dam, the Goron Dutse and the Tsuanin Rema.


Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock which has a nickname of “the Gateway to Abuja from Suleja”, is situated in Madalla in Niger State in northern Nigeria. It is one of the famous tourist destinations of the country as it features a monolith with a human face. The Zuma human face is a unique destination because it faces the direction of the setting sun. Because of this, it was once described to be the watchman of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Activities like rock climbing and sightseeing can be done in this famous destination.


Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is a famous tourist destination in Abeokuta. The name of this destination means “troubles and sufferings are all over”. The large rock monument is made up of indigenous materials. Once you step into Olumo Rock, you can see various features such as gardens on the rock, natural tunnels and pathways, natural cantilevers, statues of the belief systems of the ancient people, and a majestic view of Abeokuta from the summit of the rock.


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