Pet Friendly Holidays

For seasoned pet-travellers, we all know what this means. ‘Pet Friendly’ accommodation may not be what you think it will be. We have heard so many disaster stories of so-called pet-friendly accommodation so the No.1 Rule is to research before you book.

It was our own very poor experience with “pet-friendly” accommodation with our fur-son, that made us decide we wanted to create truly pet-friendly accommodation that was welcoming to all the family.

Typically pet-friendly accommodation was low end, poorly maintained accommodation, only worthy in some people’s minds, for pets! But if accommodation is going to be truly pet-friendly, it needs to be foremost, “human” friendly first.

When you are looking for suitable accommodation, use our check-list below:

The no. 1 rule is, is it Human Friendly? It is important that the accommodation will suit your needs first. Ensure it is well maintained and the type of accommodation you expect for your holiday, and that is also a place that you would be happy to stay, even without your fur-family.

Does the accommodation have a size limit on pets and how many can stay? If it is not clear how many fur-kids are allowed, ask. Some providers also have size limits on dogs staying at their property and it is also important to know how suitable the accommodation may be for your dog. A pet-friendly villa with a small courtyard, is unlikely to suit 3 large outdoor dogs but may be perfect for a smaller dog.

What are the ‘rules’ eg. pets allowed inside, where inside etc? This is definitely not an area ‘of one set of rules is the same for all pet-friendly accommodation’ and there is no standard code for what pet-friendly accommodation needs to provide. Ensure that ‘pet-friendly’ means what you are expecting for your holiday. ‘Pet friendly’ may not always be pet-friendly. We have heard of a ‘pet-friendly’ cottage where pets were ‘allowed in the laundry only’! So ensure you know where your fur-kid is, and is not allowed, and that you are comfortable with the arrangements.

What security and features do they have for pets? eg. safe and secure outside and garden areas. Not all accommodation is actually safe for pets. Ensure that pets will be secure and safe on the property. We have seen ‘pet-friendly’ accommodation with no fencing so make sure you know what the accommodation provides. Are pool areas safe, indoor stairwells, no unsuspecting escape routes etc.

What do people say in reviews for the accommodation? Check reviews to see what others have to say. We also recommend that you do a general Google search of the accommodation to see what others say for a more honest assessment and feedback of the property. Check Facebook groups as well. There are many pet Facebook groups related to specific breeds and many people post their favourite holiday experiences (and also, where to avoid).

What do you need to bring? Make sure you know what you need to bring for your pooch or pets, so that you are not caught short on your holiday. And if you are asked to bring certain things, do so! Make sure though, you are comfortable with any requirements before you stay.

What are the ‘House Rules’? Responsible accommodation providers will be clear on the house rules before you stay, so that there are no surprises for you. Make sure you are comfortable with these, before you book, and when you arrive, respect the ‘house rules’ as well. Good pet-friendly accommodation is gold so ensure that you leave accommodation how you found it so that other travellers can enjoy the same experience that you have enjoyed.