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Religious tourism in Germany


A state of religious diversity characterizes German society. The constitution also guarantees freedom of worship, which helped Germans and immigrants integrate into society and build houses of prayer for them. Here is a variety of places of worship for you in Germany:


Cologne Mosque

Germany’s most prominent mosque with an area of 16,500 square meters, and a capacity of more than 1,200 people, the Federation of Turkish Islamic Associations in Germany (DITIB), the largest officially registered Islamic association, decided to build it to be the principal mosque of the Union in Germany. The large area of the mosque and its containment of two large minarets with a height of more than 50 meters provoked various reactions in Germany, most of which welcomed its construction, while others rejected it.

Sri Nagapooshani Ambaal Temple, Frankfurt

This temple in Frankfurt is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sri Nagapusani Ambal, the god who wears a snake (Naga in Sanskrit) like a necklace around her neck. Traditionally, she is believed to have the power to bring wealth to her devotees, protecting them from misfortune and blessing childless husbands with children. Daily rituals and festivals are held here, and worshipers attend them from all over the city.

St. Mary’s Church in Dresden

Although its uniquely designed dome weighs many tons, it appears to be suspended in the air. According to the Baroque architectural style, built in the eighteenth century, it is famous for its large dome and considered an important center for Protestant rituals in Germany. Just before World War II, the church was utterly destroyed, and it was only rebuilt in 2005.

The largest synagogue in Germany

It took three years to restore the synagogue on Rykestraße in Berlin before reopening in 2007. The synagogue was built in 1904 with 1,200 seats, which makes it the largest synagogue in Germany. The Nazis did not burn it in 1938, but the Nazi German Army used it as a horse stable. The temple resumed its natural work in 1953. Frankfurt’s Jewish temple was also built with an oriental design in 1910, with an oriental look and gorgeous colours. It is the last of the four great temples in the city of Frankfurt. It is considered the only synagogue that survived the destruction on the Night of the Crystal because firefighters exceptionally put out the fire. But the Jews of Frankfurt did not escape the oppression of the Nazis, as they were deported to concentration camps.

Fadl Omar Mosque

This mosque is located in the city of Hamburg and was built by the Ahmadiyya community in 1957. Therefore, it is considered the first mosque built in Germany after the Second World War, and it is the second oldest mosque in the country. For a while, this mosque remained the only worship place for all the Hamburg region’s Muslims and its environs. That is why I used The Ahmadiyya community as a place of communication between the different Islamic sects.



Cologne Cathedral

It is the most famous church in Germany and the second highest church in Germany, and the third in the world, with a height of more than 157 meters. The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid in the year 1248 A.D., and its construction lasted for decades, then it stopped for an extended period to be completed in the nineteenth century. The church was officially ended in 1880 and became the largest building in the world at that time. The Cologne Cathedral was included in the world’s cultural heritage, and every year more than 6 million tourists visit it.

The German constitution guarantees the “Basic Law” for everyone the freedom to choose and practice religious belief. The state views all religions with impartiality and treats them with tolerance. The choice of a citizen to belong to one of the religions is a personal matter, and he has the freedom to choose and decide on it.

In Germany, however, religion and state are not entirely separate. The state cooperates with religious groups and institutions, for example, through spiritual lessons in schools.

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