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Remember These Essential Don’ts When Visiting India

India is a fascinating country to visit. With the diverse mixture of religions in the country, tourists can enjoy and discover many new things. Scenic and colorful views, unique Indian cuisine, resilient and easygoing locals are what make the nation worth exploring. But like the other countries, it also has its social manners and etiquettes. As a tourist, you must know and conform in the locals common customs during your stay in India.


Wearing Shoes inside Temples or Homes


It is a common practice in India to remove shoes in any religious places. Locals consider temples as a sacred place that they need to maintain a high level of cleanliness. They also don’t wear shoes inside their homes and local shops. You might see several slippers or shoes inside one’s home or establishment but take note that it is only used for indoor places.


Using Your Left Hand When Giving and Taking Things


The primary purpose of using the left hand in India is for unclean activities like cleaning yourself after going to the toilet and washing your feet. You must also take note that receiving prasad (food item after the temple ceremony) or giving alms through your left hand is a big no-no to the locals as it might be seen as impolite and insensitive.


Public Display of Affection


Public display of affection or PDA is another thing that you should not do while you are in India. Locals associate holding hands, hugging or kissing in public places as obscene and unacceptable. It is best to do intimate actions in private areas to avoid moral policing or even being in jail for at least a month.


Feeling Offended in Intrusive Questions


Indians are naturally curious people. They have a culture of asking questions about your family, job, or income that you might not expect to ask during the first meeting. Don’t be offended by it though as it is one of their ways of getting to know you. In return, you can also ask them these kinds of questions to encourage exciting conversations with them.

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