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Russian Etiquette for First Time Tourists

Just like the other countries, Russia also has their own do’s and don’ts that as tourists must obey. Knowing the nation’s way of living is necessary as we don’t want to be in trouble during our worthwhile vacation in their country. With this, here are the standard etiquette that we must learn before we visit

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Explore Russia Through Their Traditional Foods


  At first sight, tourists can view Russia as a monotonous country. But once you got a chance to explore the country, you would know that it has a rich and long history of forming their culture and traditions due to the influence of many nations. Along with seeing the famous landmarks and tourist destinations

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What to Do in Russia for 24 Hours?

If you are planning to visit Russia but do not have enough time, then enjoy yourselves into different attractions that can be found in St. Petersburg.   St. Petersburg lies in the Gulf of Finland at Baltic Sea. It is the second largest city in the country. Also, it was the country’s previous capital city.

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