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Russian Etiquette for First Time Tourists

Just like the other countries, Russia also has their own do’s and don’ts that as tourists must obey. Knowing the nation’s way of living is necessary as we don’t want to be in trouble during our worthwhile vacation in their country. With this, here are the standard etiquette that we must learn before we visit Russia.


Be Mindful at the Foot Traffic in Nevsky Prospekt


Crosswalk. Source: Pixibay


Nevsky Prospekt is the country’s central point where locals and tourists all passed by. Also, there are fantastic views that we can’t help but try to take photos. However, locals do not much appreciate the fact that tourists would interrupt their paces to snap pictures. While we can’t help but be amazed by the central area’s scenic views, we must also be mindful with the locals who are trying to pass by or who are next/behind us.


Learn Some Cyrillic Alphabet

Russian Book

Russian Book. Source: Pexels


Since most people in Russia are not very familiar with the English language, learning the Cyrillic alphabet would go a very long way during your vacation. By familiarising yourself with the basic Russian language, communicating with the locals will be much easier and who knows you might have a friend by the end of the day.


Try Russian’s Way of Eating

Eating Food

Eating Food. Source: Pexels


Russians love to eat. Their typical lunch consists of a 3-course meal that sometimes follows by either tea or dessert. Also, you can try to visit several restaurants that offer traditional local food. One of the well-known food chains in Russia is called Teremok, which serves pancakes, dumplings, and salads.


Never Take Photos  of Government Buildings

City Hall

City Hall. Source: Pixibay


Taking pictures is one of the must-do activities in any places that you visit. However, there are specific landmarks that are prohibited from taking photos. For Russia, their government buildings and other military-type structure are the areas that tourists must not dare to take pictures with. If you happen to do it, you will instantly get a fine from the local police or in the worst case, be arrested and go to jail.


Avoid Smiling at Public Places and Strangers

Smiling in Public Place

Smiling in Public Place. Source: Pexels


Russians are known for their cold and stiff expressions. With this, tourists must avoid at all cost to smile in public places. Locals will interpret one’s wide smile as rude and odd behavior. They might think that you find them silly or weird so you must save your smiles into some more intimate places.

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