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Simple Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts in Singapore

The Merlion City



Singapore has been known for its diverse and vibrant culture of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European immigrants. It is also famous for its clean and efficient city with strict implementation of laws. If you are planning to travel the country, you must observe the do’s and don’ts to having a happy and rich filled experience.


Respect the locals and dress appropriately

Being multicultural in nature, Singapore shares its customs to Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European locals. Because of this, anyone visiting the country must observe different customs and traditions. Joking or arguing about politics or religion can offend any locals.

Address someone using titles such as Ms., Mr., or Miss.

It is highly recommended to use titles to the people of Singapore as a sign of respect. You can them in first names if they said so or known them for some time.

Ask for the price of the food before you order it

Before savoring the local’s dishes, you must first ask the price of it, especially in smaller restaurants. You cannot assume a cheap price for every dishes as most of the time, they are surprisingly high. Seafood, in particular, have higher prices compared with the other dishes.

Look out for the umbrellas or packet of tissue papers before you sit down in the table of hawker’s center

It is a practice in Singapore especially in hawker centers that an umbrella or packet of tissue papers must be placed to reserve a table. If you happen to see one, it could mean that there’s someone who is in queue up for their food and will be back shortly.


Never chew or bring gums in the country

It is prohibited to chew or even bring gums in Singapore. Anyone who will be caught with it may get arrested and pay the fine. The government of Singapore has strict laws in maintaining cleanliness in their area that even having a gum can be a big deal with them.

Never litter while you stay in Singapore

As mentioned, the cleanliness of the surroundings is an integral part of Singaporean culture and laws. If you ever throw a single piece of trash in the public, expect a police officer to come and arrest you right away.

Do not give tip as it’s not a part of the Singaporean culture

In other countries, giving a tip is considered as satisfaction on the received services. However, this custom is not practiced in Singapore. Leaving a tip might be offensive to the locals who provided their great services without expecting any return from it.

Do not throw your receipts

Throwing your receipts while you travel to Singapore can be potential savings that you can get. There’s a law in the country called A Good and Service Tax that covers certain items. The current GST rate is 7% so it can be huge savings for you who avail the goods and services under the GST.

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