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Taste and Smell Lao Cuisine

Laos is a Southeast Asian country that shares a boundary with five countries, namely: Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Just like its neighbouring countries, they also have their famous destinations that reflect their geographical features and rich culture and history. Aside from visiting the nation’s tourist attractions, you can also enjoy eating their local dishes.


Laotian cuisine offers a unique taste and aroma. They are known in dishes that have fresh and delightful flavours. With the variety of herbs and chillies, anyone can expect a thrilling food experience in Laos. To make your trip worthwhile and memorable, here are the Laotian dishes that you should try.




Laap. Source: Flickr


Laap refers to the meat that was freshly butchered and prepared to serve its customers. This dish is often the locals’ ideal food diet. The meat can be either serves as raw or fried meat depending on their customer’s request. After that, ingredients such as fish sauce, lime juice, fresh herbs, and sticky rice would be added to produce its known flavour. Other people also tend to add bile to this dish, creating a more bitter taste.


Khao Piak Sen

Khao Piak Sen

Khao Piak Sen. Source: Flickr


Khao Piak Sen is a nutritious dish that can satisfy anyone’s hunger. It is made up of rice noodles and a variety of ingredients like meat (pork or beef) broth, fresh herbs, shrimp paste, chilies, bean sprouts, and lime juice.


Tam Muk Muang


Tam Muk Muang is a combination of Thai and Lao cuisine. In Thailand, it is known as Som Tam which consists of green papaya and fresh herbs. But in Laos, this dish is made up of more unripe yellow mango than green papaya. The mango would create more sour taste compared with the green papaya. There are also special herbs that are added in this dish.


Naem Khao

Naem Khao

Naem Khao. Source: Flickr


Naem Khao is another favourite dish that offers a delightful taste. It is made up of ground pork, steamed and fried rice, coconut, fish sauce, eggs, lime juice, and curry paste. It is mixed up in a wok, cooking all the ingredients, to produce the crispy texture of the pork and a flavourful taste.

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