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Ten tourist attractions in Moscow, Russia


Moscow is the capital of Russia and its largest city in terms of population density and tourism in Moscow is a vital tourist destination, as it is a vibrant city, so it is jam-packed. Most people may agree that the best time to see the Russian capital is in the summer. Still, we have a destination. A different view as the city is very crowded in summer is the influx of many tourist groups because its atmosphere becomes warmer. Still, if you do not like crowded places, you can choose Moscow as an excellent tourist destination in the winter, although it can be freezing. Today we will introduce you to the most important things you can enjoy in Moscow if you decide to go to it in the winter.

Moscow tourist attractions

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Red Square:

It is one of the most critical landmarks known to the city of Moscow. The Red Square is located in the heart of the town, and the square takes the shape of a square separating the site of the former royal castle from the main headquarters in which the President of Russia is located. Which destination you want, we advise you when you choose to go to Moscow metro stations because the city has a big problem with traffic jams. You will not bear two hours in the transportation to only reach Red Square as you will arrive in the metro in only 5 minutes. The Red Square includes the famous St. Basils, and there is also a historical museum in which you can learn about the history of the city. In the winter, the square is decorated with Christmas decorations, so it will be fun to go to it to enjoy the Christmas celebrations. The visitors will have special treatment as there will be a Christmas market. It is a store of traditional Russian gifts, and there will be a vast area dedicated to skiing located inside the square.


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The Kremlin:

It is a historical site located in Moscow. The word in Russian means the castle, and today, it refers to the old city center with its buildings and the entire area is surrounded by a vast wall that extends for a distance of 2 miles and a half and rises to 65 feet. The area contains a group of old mansions with engineering. The exquisite architecture used in the ancient era by the Tsar and his men, the region is the Russian capital’s, historical heart.

The region has the Kremlin Museum, which is the only official entrance that allows tourists to enter, located near Alexander Park from the west.

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Saint Basil’s Cathedral:

The cathedral is located in Red Square. This cathedral consists of ten small churches, some of them only have a measure of ten square meters, so the insides to it are very narrow. The cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, so you will find in front of it many long lines its strange-shaped domes distinguish the cathedral as it is. It has a chapel colored in cheerful colors, making it one of the unique churches. If you choose the winter season to visit it, you may not have to wait long in lines to enter it—one of the most important tourist attractions in Moscow.

Image result for GUM and TSUM:


It is one of the shopping places that you should go to after spending a beautiful tour in the Red Square and the Kremlin, and it will be crowded, especially at Christmas. Most tourists come to the place to see the building’s architecture and not buy as most of the shops are empty. The building lacks unique Russian shops. You will find several shops with international brands, and in winter, the building will be decorated with Christmas decorations. It is one of the tourist attractions in Moscow.

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The Bolshoi Theater:

It is one of the theatres that comes on the list of the best theatres that Moscow contains. The theatre of historical symbols includes a diverse group of operatic, ballet and dance performances. The theatre construction dated back to 1856 and was sponsored in a design to be on the neoclassical approach. Ticket and enjoy one of the beautiful performances that the theatre offers, making it a lovely artistic evening.

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Gorky garden:

The park is located a kilometer or two kilometers south of the Red Square on the Moskva River banks. The place is one of the ideal areas in Moscow. The park includes a range of beautiful and varied recreational activities, as it has a set of green landscapes of beautiful trees and colorful flowers. Also, suppose you choose to go to it in the winter season. In that case, you can enjoy the opportunity to ski inside, as a large part of the lanes are converted into one colossal skating rink. The park is vast, so you will find in it all the recreational activities you choose on your mind you will find tennis courts, a bike rental center and an exhibition Technical and a lot of restaurants and cafes.

Image result for Pushkin State Museum:

Pushkin State Museum:

The Pushkin Museum is the largest museum dedicated to European art in Moscow. The name of the museum with this name is to commemorate the Russian poet Alexander Bo Shkin, and this was done during the centenary of his death. If you are a lover of art, we advise you to head to this museum, where you will find a collection of fine arts dating back to the dawn of civilization. The museum has been divided into two parts, an old section and a neighboring building that houses European and American art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, so you will enjoy seeing a wide variety of arts that have existed throughout the ages.


Image result for Old metro stations from Moscow:



Old metro stations from Moscow:

It is one of the things that you must visit when you go to Moscow, as you will have to go to it anyway because it is a fast and inexpensive means of transportation. The metro there comes every two minutes, and the city of Moscow has one of the oldest metro stations in the world, and the town has been preserved. Since the Great Empire, it is one of the things that should not be missed with its ancient stations and kept alive until now.

Image result for Novodevichy Monastery:

Novodevichy Monastery:

One of Moscow’s most important religious landmarks and what distinguishes the monastery is the old printer preserved on it since the end of the seventeenth kiln. The sanctuary is decorated with a group of golden towers. The monastery is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites sites, and it is worth a visit.

Image result for Tretyakov Gallery:

Tretyakov Gallery:

It is an exhibition that includes a unique collection of Russian plastic art, and it is one of the best exhibitions in the world specialized in this type. And the museum is located in the Lavroshinskiy district in central and dates back to 1856 and includes more than 130,000 beautiful paintings and impressive sculptures.

Here ended our tourism report on tourism in Moscow, Russia, and we wish you a distinguished tourist vacation.

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