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Explore the Authentic and Rich Taste of Thailand

Thailand gathered its nickname as The Land of Smiles. With its rich filled history and culture, no wonder this country has become known to the world as one of the gems of Southeast Asia. Together with its world-renowned tourist attractions, Thailand has a variety of unique and flavorful dishes that are must try to tourists.

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The Thai Monarchy

Tourist literature has marketed Thailand as the “Land of Smiles” so successfully that a lot of farangs arrive in the country expecting to be forgiven any outrageous behaviour. This is just not the case: there are some things so universally sacred in Thailand that even a hint of disrespect will cause deep offence. The monarchy

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Festivals in Thailand – When to Visit

Nearly all Thai festivals have a religious aspect. The most theatrical are generally Brahmin (Hindu) in origin, honouring elemental spirits and deities with ancient rites and ceremonial costumed parades. Buddhist celebrations usually revolve round the local temple, and while merit-making is a significant feature, a light-hearted atmosphere prevails, as the wat grounds are swamped with

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Thailand Accommodation

For the simplest double room, prices start at a bargain B150 in the outlying regions, B200 in Bangkok, and B400 in the pricier resorts. Tourist centres invariably offer a tempting range of more upmarket choices but in these areas rates fluctuate according to demand, plummeting during the off-season, peaking over the Christmas fortnight and, in

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Thailand Backpacking

  Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Most visitors coming into the region fly into Bangkok and make that their base for doing the circuit as they backpack around Southeast Asia. It’s the most visited country in the region – and with good reason! Thailand speaks for itself.   When you hear its name, you already

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