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The Do’s and Don’ts in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that offers its unique charm and beauty. It is a beautiful country that you can visit along with its neighboring lands. And just like the other countries, it also has its customs and traditions that tourists should be aware of. This article will provide several do’s and don’ts when visiting Malaysia.





Muslim Clothing

Muslim Clothing. Source: Pexels


Although Malaysia is a multicultural country, most of its residents consist of more than 50% Muslims. In visiting the country, you should wear appropriate clothes. It does not mean to wear nuns or monks clothing. Putting comfortable yet proper dresses like below knee-length skirts and loose pants can be your safe choices.




Salam. Source: Pexels


Salam is the greeting used by the locals of Malaysia. It looks like a handshake but without putting much grasp on the receiver’s hands. Both hands should be placed on the receiver’s hands.


Taking Photos

Taking Photos

Taking Photos. Source: Pixabay


When visiting Malaysia, it is best to ask the locals’ permissions before taking snapshots. There are instances where people would agree to take their photos, but there are also times when they would politely refuse. When you happen to experience the latter, don’t take it personally and move forward with your itinerary.




Show Anger and Frustration

Angry Man

Angry Man. Source: Pixabay


Part of Malaysian culture is to be calm at all times. For them, if you show you any anger or frustration, they may view it as impolite and offensiveness. Whatever unpleasant feelings you have during your trip, it is best to hide it in private or let go of it.


Using Your Left Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand. Source: Flickr


The left hand symbolizes evil and unlucky in Malaysia. Whether you’re giving or taking things, always use of right hand to avoid any shame from the public. Another option that you can do is by passing things using both of your hands.


Touch Anyone’s Head

Touching One's Head

Touching One’s Head. Source: Pxhere


Touching anyone’s head is a sign of disrespect. A lot of Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia view people’s heads as sacred. It does not exempt children and elder’s heads.


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