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The Do’s and Don’ts When Traveling to Laos

When visiting Laos, there are the do’s and don’ts that tourists should be aware of. Getting familiar with these tips will save you from any hassle you might encounter during your trip.




– ‘Sabai dee’ is enough to greet the locals. For men, it is also acceptable to shake hands with their fellow men.

– Wear appropriate clothes. Laos is a conservative country, so wearing shorts and tank tops will be taken as impolite on their culture.

– Leave your shoes before entering someone else’s house. It is a sign of respect for Laotians to remove their shoes upon entering their homes.

– Support the local economy by buying their handicrafts instead of antique buddhas.

– Respect local people when trying to take a photo. Laotians are kind people, so don’t snap them when they’re spending their private space. Ask permission first before taking a picture of them.

– Enjoy yourself with their local food as it would help their businesses and farmers.




–  Never touch the monks and their robes. Locals pay most respects on Monks.

– Avoid showing your affection in public. Kissing and holding hands are seen as offensive to the locals.

– Shouting and showing your emotions in public are considered rude by the locals. At any cost, avoid getting mad and frustrated in front of the Laotians.

– Don’t give gifts or money to local children. This is to avoid them to beg on the tourists. If you really want to provide them with a present, you can give it to the elder village or their parents.

– Using feet other than by walking or playing sports is frowned by the Laotians. You must not use your feet for pointing things and/or raised it on the table.

– Never touch anyone’s head. It is part of their culture to consider a person’s head as sacred.

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