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The eight most beautiful wonders of German nature

When visiting Germany, one enters a world full of beauty and health. The unique landscapes and magnificent towering mountains await you in Germany’s cities and make you sure that you are in the place that many wish to visit. Many visitors from all countries of the world are keen to go to German cities annually, intending to enjoy nature’s picturesque beauty and benefit from the health and therapeutic experience.

Natural magic: We show you eight natural wonders in Germany, distinguished by their magical beauty so that one would like to go directly there.


Urach Falls in the Swabian Alps

No, you are not in Flood Plains with Frodo. However, Urach Falls in Baden-Württemberg is characterized by charming colours and picturesque nature, such as those known in Tolkien’s fairy tale saga. Water streams into the valley from the edge of a 37-meter-high porous cliff.



Limestone rocks on the island of Rügen

This natural miracle inspired the painter Caspar David to paint his famous painting “Limestone in Rügen,” which was considered one of the most important German artworks in the Romantic era. The pinnacle of this rugged coastline is the majestic Königstolle King’s Seat, which rises to a height of 118 meters.



The Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony

The majestic rocky landscape of the central mountains at the top of the Elbe River fascinates onlookers. This nature entices hiking enthusiasts with charming tours and scenic sights.



The tall Anna (Lang Anna) is in Helgoland.

The tall Anna on the North Sea island of Helgoland is 47 meters high and weighs about 25,000 tons. The distinctive rock is made of red-coloured sandstone, and it rises so high that it can be seen from the regions of Brandenburg.



The Devil Wall (Toefl Mower) in the Harz region

The rocky range surrounded by fairy tales and legends stretches over 20 kilometres in the regions north of the Harz Plains. In the collection of stories of the Brothers Grimm, it was stated that Satan was the one who built it in an attempt to divide the world with God.

Caves of the “fairies” Salfelder in Thuringia

In the old mine at Zalfeld, the caves today attract many visitors. Anyone who has visited this area will understand why the Guinness Book of World Records has contained these caves since 1993, considering them “the most colourful caves in the world.”

The outer rocks (extern) in the Teutoburg Forest

An at once natural and cultural monument formed by the outer rocks near Horn-Bad Meinberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the Middle Ages, stonemasons carved a unique image of Christ in one of these rocks. Experts assume that this beautiful rock formation was used to observe the stars or a house for worshipers.

Lake “The King” (König Ze) in Bavaria

Between the steep mountain slopes of the Berchtesgaden Alps, Lake König Ze (the King) looks like a fjord. And when the sun shines on it, the water sparkles with its azure green. The image cannot express the strange echo diffusion from among the rocks high above the lake.


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