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The Most Beautiful Tourist Cities in England

England is known as a magnet for tourism. There are many picturesque tourist cities, exciting, and fun things such as delicious food, a fiery football club, cathedrals, and charming tourist places. As there are several cities in England, each of which is more beautiful than the other and has a group of the most attractive tourist places. Each of them has its own thing to choose between London, York, Cornwall and Oxford, and here we show some activities that can be done in each city and the tourist places that can be visited.


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The city of Liverpool is located in the northwest of England, north of the Mersey River Estuary in the Irish Sea. It is an excellent place if you want all the tourist attractions in a large city of museums and cathedrals and shopping with two cathedrals that camp over the Anglican and Catholic city and the best way. To distinguish them from each other is that Anglicanism is the longest cathedral in the world. You find there are multiple museums and tours dedicated to the Beatles and Liverpool also includes Tate Liverpool and the Art Gallery and the World Museum Liverpool is teeming with the waterfront of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are two Premier League clubs, Liverpool Club and Everton Club.


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In the East Midlands, Lincoln’s city includes the Great Cathedral of England, the largest cathedral in England and the tallest building in the world until 1549. One of its most famous landmarks is the castle with many small cafes and shops and the city. Lincoln Hill includes one of four copies of the Magna Carta. While there, you find a gallery and the Archbishop’s Palace from the Middle Ages, and in Lincoln, you find one of the most famous reservations in England.


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London is the largest and most famous city in England, as it is the British capital and London is known as the city of fog. London contains many universities, theatres, museums, and the main headquarters of domestic organizations and international companies. London city is a place of vital integration between cultures and suits tourism in London for all ages and nationalities. Some restaurants offer traditional food from all countries of the world. The Borough Market, south of the Thames, is one of the best markets for food there and you find In Brick Street, east London, the markets that contain shops of clothes, jewelry and handicrafts, there is a market of Camden in the north and Portobello in the west. A tourist can not miss the place of British landmarks in the city, the most important of which are: The British Parliament and the royal palaces in Kensington, Buckingham, St. James and the British Library, and if you are a fan of culture, you will find in London an opportunity to get acquainted with the greatest thinkers, academics and writers in public halls, universities that are politically and culturally active, and creative student movements.


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The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is one of the gentlest places in England, and you find their beautiful landscapes with its limestone hills, quaint villages and charming paths. The place has been declared the largest place of outstanding natural beauty by the United Kingdom government, so if you want to spend time relaxing you should choose this place, and there you find the John Singer Sargent. If you’re going to go to the Cotswold, you can take the long road to reach it, which is 103 miles and extends from Chipping Campden to Hammam, which includes unique natural destinations throughout.


The New Forest

New Forest

There is the New Forest in the south, a rural place with 220 square meters consisting of a national park and a lot of trees and ponies that roam the park and villages. The place is known for the large gigantic buildings with luxurious architectural destinations in New Forest, and it is one of the giant pastures and forests. You find small villages scattered in the city, and rural pancakes can be enjoyed while enjoying playing with wild animals in the pastures. The place is known for the presence of deer and ponies in abundance.

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