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Things that You Should Not Do When Visiting Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that often skipped out on most of the tourists bucket list. It has always been misunderstood by most people due to the unfortunate news that happens in the country. However this misconception is generally untrue. Nigeria is a safe country with typical crimes that can be controlled by their government. It is just like the other countries around the world.


Although the country is not the top pick to visit, there are tourists who want to explore the wilderness and charm of Nigeria. Most people who went to the country found it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are various tour agencies that offer great deals in visiting Nigeria. But like the other countries, there are common practices that tourists should be aware of to make the visit a worthwhile experience.


Always Carrying Cash 


Money. Source: Pixibay


Nigeria is now a cashless country that POS systems are available to make a fast and hassle-free business transactions. Flashing your money in public can put you into a bad spot so it’s better to use their e-payment system.


Expect Locals to Speak English


As a multicultural country, locals in Nigeria can speak English. However this is not the case for the other parts of the nation. There are Nigerians in the rural areas who can only speak Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa. Although they can speak English very well, they still have incorporated their dialects and slang into it that tourists may find quite unclear.


Eating Non-local Food

Nigerian Food

Nigerian Food. Source: Flickr


Nigeria has a wide range of international cuisine available to suit your preference and taste. They offer Italian, French, Japanese, American, Thai, Chinese, and other kinds of cuisine. But visiting the country would not be a memorable experience without trying their local food and dishes, right?


Taking Pictures of Strangers and Businesses

Taking Photos

Taking Photos of Building. Source: Pixibay


Taking pictures of the country’s scenic views and tasty food is an acceptable act in Nigeria. But it’s a different case when tourists take photos of the locals and businesses without their permission. Locals find it insulting and rude to do it so asking them first is better than vibing their unwelcoming presence and stares.

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