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Tips to know before travelling to Nepal


Amidst uniquely diverse landscapes between the hills in the north, the vast flat plains in the south and the most famous mountains in the world. Nepal is located that should top the list of adventure lovers and outdoor excursions, and which is one of the most exciting places on the planet Earth even ranked the country.

And before you travel to Nepal and venture off, here are the best tips to have an enjoyable trip.

The language

Nepali and Newari are the most used language in Nepal, do not worry about it, as residents can speak English in the main cities. But do not expect to see many people speaking it in the hinterland areas, and it is better to learn a few Nepali words as it helps you interact with the local people. Better.


Transportation from an economic point of view is readily available in Nepal. You can travel to different cities via public transport at a low price so that you can use taxis or public buses and small trucks to reach anywhere. As is the case in any other country, taxis will cost you money. You save time and avoid the crowds, but public buses and vans will not offer these advantages because they are very cheap.


Although accommodation is readily available in Nepal, you should book your hotel at least the month before the visit if you plan to travel in the high season. The main advantage is the variety of accommodations between five-star hotels, luxury resorts and budget hotels.

You can also stay in a room in the guest house if you are travelling alone and looking to save, but do not expect perfect services in that style.

Trekking gear

Depending on the region and the terrain, you must have the appropriate equipment to avoid difficulties and accidents when venturing into Nepal. Suppose you are planning to climb a mountain. In that case, your luggage must include trekking shoes, a backpack, and appropriate clothing for this season, and our advice to you is to carefully follow the fluctuations of the weather, especially when going out for long trips so that you have what suits you when any emergency occurs.

The climate

The months between October and December are the best months to travel to Nepal, characterized by good weather, hot sunny days and cold evenings. Still, the disadvantage of it is a large number of tourist crowds, and the period from March to May is characterized by good weather and less crowding, which means more tourists.

Stay hydrated

During the day trips in Nepal, your body will be under more pressure and movement, so make sure to drink enough water, as dehydration can lead to many complications that may disturb your trip.

Hire a guide when travelling to Nepal

Feel free to hire a guide when planning to discover the country; this will prevent you from many of the risks associated with the trips and improve your experience. Most of those working in this field speak good English and have interesting insights. Moreover, some areas in Nepal are restricted. The authorities prevent her entry without evidence. Trekking without a guide in some isolated areas of Nepal is not a good idea anyway, as forests and mountainous regions can be tricky and carry many risks.

In addition to trekking and hiking, travelling to Nepal offers you a wide range of outdoor adventures; Canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering and paragliding are many more exhilarating options.

Water safety

Tap water is not safe to consume in Nepal, even if it is from your hotel; also, remember to avoid fruits that have been washed with polluted water or soft drinks with snow. And it is best for you when travelling to Nepal to stick to bottled water, which can only be found in every Shop in the country.

The shopping

Nepal is heaven for shopping lovers, as it offers its visitors unique handmade products as the best kind of souvenirs for family and friends. It can be gratifying and exciting in Kathmandu and malls in large commercial areas.

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