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Top 10 of Germany’s beaches that are recommended to visit


Germany is one of the most beautiful European Union countries, and it occupies an advanced position globally in all fields, whether education, health, economy or tourism. Germany has a charming view from the north on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and shares its borders with other European countries.

Germany has a variety of charming beaches and islands, and in the following lines, we take you on a quick leisure trip to the best beaches in Germany:



Alpek Beach

This beach is located on the island of Usedom, which separates Germany and Poland, and is characterized by its white sand and water purity. It is also characterized by various recreational activities such as cycling, horseback riding with water facilities and hot baths. Therefore it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.



The beaches of Rügen

The island of Rügen is the largest in Germany and has a beautiful range of beaches, and is the sunniest place in the country. The island’s coast reaches 37 miles of white sand and various services with a promenade for walking and chairs to stretch out and relax.

Westerland Beach, Sylt

According to its visitors, Westerland Beach is located on the west coast of Sylt Island, and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany. It extends up to 25 meters in length and spreads on its beaches, family resorts and various recreational activities.

Headense Beach

Its relative calm characterizes this island since it is free of cars, the beaches of the island are characterized by purity and soft sand, and its waters are not deep. That makes it suitable for young people, the means used to move around the island, either by walking or horse-drawn carriages.



Warnemünde Beach

It is a beach resort of a seaside resort located in the village of Rostuch. It is an ideal place for a swimming pool, sunbathing, sailing and fishing, and there are also festive beach festivals every spring that you can enjoy attending.

Travemond Beach

It is one of the largest ports in Germany; in addition to becoming an important beach destination in recent years, the beach can rent boats and yachts. The beach has a historic lighthouse founded in the Middle Ages. An annual celebration of the annual sailing week is held.

Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

This beach belongs to a peninsula directly overlooking the Baltic Sea. It is characterized by 9 miles of soft sand and clear blue water and the spread of huts and wicker chairs along the beach, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.

Sankt Peter Ording

This beach is distinguished from other beaches in Germany by spreading sulphur springs suitable for relieving bone pain and other things. The summers benefit from the tides along the coast by getting sunbathing or enjoying high-flying kites.


The shore of Lake Constance

One of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Germany, which attracts many tourists for swimming, the lake stretches 40 meters in length and is surrounded by Landau’s charming island as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland surround it.

Kuhlungsborn Beach

This beach is located in Rostoch and is considered one of Germany’s best beaches to spend an enjoyable day. This beach overlooks the Baltic Sea and has many charming trees, yachts and sailboats and offers many activities and services.



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