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Tourism in Nepal where a few tourists pay for a lot


There may not have been many Arab tourism fans who had previously thought about visiting that republic, which is considered one of the smallest countries in the Indian subcontinent. Still, it seems that the Europeans and the Americans have found in it a tourist delusion, most of whom repeat it to continue its adventures in its natural atmosphere and see what has not been seen of geographical features and historical and human. Statistics in Nepal indicate that most of its visitors are Indians first, then the Chinese, then the Americans, and finally the British, Germans and French who prefer to visit during the winter months to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in its temperate weather, compared to the cold weather they have.



Nepal is characterized by its excellent tourism services compared to some of its neighbouring countries, making the tourist feel that he pays a little for a lot. There are good hotels of various degrees and costs of accommodation, including luxury hotels that surprise tourists by receiving them for small expenses.

Most of them were initially homes or elegant residential buildings that have been converted into hotels suitable for tourist accommodation, which gives their atmosphere a comfortable homely character as they are found to. Besides the small hotels, famous international hotels such as “Al Hayat Regency” and others. Most hotels and resorts provide internet service in rooms, and some provide Wi-Fi in communications.

International credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, and travellers’ checks unless they exceed $ 2000. Economically strong currencies (such as the euro and the dollar) can be exchanged in hotels. Accredited exchange houses accept Gulf currencies such as the Saudi riyal, the Kuwaiti dinar and the Emirati dirham to exchange them for the Nepalese rupee, knowing that every 72 Nepalese rupees are equivalent to approximately one US dollar during this economic period in the life of the Nepalese republic.



There is no need to worry about transportation in major cities, including the capital “Kathmandu”; Taxis are available. It must be agreed with their drivers on the delivery value before embarkation because there is no fare meter in the car. The prices for delivery within the capital range between one dollar and two dollars for a distance of approximately ten minutes.

However, transportation designated for mountain means may require prior reservation during good weather due to the large number of tourists coming to Nepal, especially between February and April before the rains, and tourists – especially the adventurous ones – are advised to carry shoes suitable for climbing or Walking.



This quiet country is distinguished by its diverse tourism companies that offer different tourism programs that satisfy different tastes and satisfy the love of adventure regardless of its extent, including mountain climbing, flying helicopters over the summit of Mount Everest, skiing on snowy heights, boat trips in rivers, and safari trips for animals. Wildness in forests that are considered their natural environment.


Playing polo on the backs of elephants ridden by tourists instead of horses, riding horses on request, visiting bird gardens, visiting traditional villages to see the living human culture, and enjoying the beautiful scenery in green areas and snowy dunes. In addition to cultural, historical and archaeological tourism for those interested in it, and organizing special honeymoon trips for new married couples. All this at adequate costs may not exceed 400 dollars at Nepalese tourism companies famous for their quality and reputation.

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