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Travel Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its incredible natural sights and delicious local foods. The famous paradise of Bali and tasty nasi goreng are some of the things that tourists all over the world go after in going to Indonesia. Although locals are welcoming and kind to tourists, being familiar with their customs would still be ideal for preventing unpleasant situations.


Here are the do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind.




Greeting Indonesians

Smiling Indonesian Woman. Source: Pixabay


– When greeting Indonesians, a simple smile and nod are enough for them to get your message.

– Shaking using your right hand is used when you introduce yourself to the locals.

– Use your right hand when receiving and giving something. Indonesians don’t use their left hands as it is a sign of uncleanliness and impoliteness.

– Indonesians are courteous towards strangers. With this, they have terms that you should be aware of when you are calling them. You can use “Mas” for local men and “Mbak” for local women. If you think you are talking to older people, you can use “Pak” for older local men and “Bu” for older local women.



Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection. Source: Pxhere


– Never touch anyone’s heads. For Indonesians, it is considered rude and offensive when someone tries to touch their heads.

– Wear revealing clothes. Since Indonesia is a Muslim country, skimpy dresses are being frowned by the locals. You might also be mistaken as a sex worker if you wear sleeveless and shorts in public.

– If you are with your special someone, avoid holding hands or kissing in public. Indonesians tend to see it as taboo, and you might get a lot of uncomfortable stares from them.

– Expressing anger or crying publicly can make locals feel awkward. At all costs, do not show your frustrations over something in front of the locals, they will take offence to bad behaviour.

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