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With Pictures Here Are Ten Wonderful Places for Children in Singapore


Tourist places for children in Singapore tell you that it is now time for fun. We will now go on a fantastic adventure journey, in parks full of beautiful animals that will allow us to play with them, then go to dive together in the water and play with dolphins and fish, and what do you think if we stopped for some time. Let’s play the role of engineers and doctors in KidZania, then go to the waterslides. All of that and more will be found in Singapore. Let’s start our adventure.

For all lovers of the beautiful and distinctive city of Singapore, in this report you have a look at the best entertainment places that suit children:


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Universal Studios Singapore

If you are looking for a fun theme park for your kids in Singapore, you should head to Universal Studios Theme Park for the entire day. The theme park is divided into seven sections: Hollywood, New York, The Future, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Celebrity Fantasy and Madagascar.


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Singapore Discovery Center

The Singapore Exploration Center is a tourist attraction for all ages and for all times of the year, and the center includes a range of games from paintball to 3D movies. Indoor activities include recording news in virtual studios and performances telling Singapore’s history and specially designed cultures to suit children’s ages.


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Bay Gardens

These structures across Marina Bay will captivate the imaginations of children of all ages, especially at night when the lights are turned on, providing an impressive waterway over the gardens. The giant greenhouses also offer a cool climate, in addition to hundreds of trees that will entice children to discover them.


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Nightlife Singapore Safari

Singapore’s Night Safari District is a world-class attraction that not only provides entertainment and wonder to visitors but is also dedicated to animal and wildlife conservation. Thousands of animals brought from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas within their habitats can be seen inside Safari Night, which will attract children.


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Wild Wet Singapore

If the temperature and humidity increase the kids, it is better to spend some time inside Singapore’s best water park. We promise you that you will spend a day full of fun and fun inside the water games here. You will find many water slides and tunnels that increase your adrenaline level suitable for all ages.


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KidZania Singapore

KidZania Singapore opened its Sentosa Beach Resort in 2015, joining a long list of family-friendly activities on the island. The new complex is an area for entertainment and youth education through different regions of fully interactive learning stations spread around a “child-sized inner city” such as a small hospital, a bank, and colouring and others.


Image result for Lost Wonderland Port Singapore


Lost Wonderland Port

Lost Wonderland Harbor is a popular attraction for children and families. It is located directly on Sentosa Beach and features a range of rides, slides and climbing games, and many restaurants and retail options. The port organizes games and activities throughout the day that provide fun and education for children.


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Science Art Museum

One of the most impressive architectural structures in Singapore, the Science Museum houses a range of exhibits designed with the latest cutting-edge technology used in museums anywhere in the world. The museum shows the relationship between science and art, sparking children’s curiosity.


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Singapore Spinning Wheel

The Singapore Flyer wheel is one of Singapore’s most touristic places, with a height of 165 meters, equivalent to a 42-storey building. This wheel provides a panoramic view of Singapore from the top, where you can see very close-up skyscrapers and hotel towers and view the port And the Indian Ocean and its yachts and dhows, as well as the famous Formula 1 race.


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Sea Basin in Sentosa

In the sea basin on Sentosa Island in Singapore, the best children will enjoy it, it is one of the largest aquariums globally, and it is beautifully organized. There is a moray eel, stingrays, jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, and much colourful fish and coral reefs. There are a lot of cool things in this aquarium.

Prepare to be blown away by the size of the open ocean, and if you want an extra unique experience in Singapore, you can stay in an ocean room with underwater water views. Very impressive.

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