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Your comprehensive guide to Netherlands Christmas festivals 2020-2021


Are you looking for the most crucial information about Christmas celebrations and festivals in the Netherlands? Here are the best events in the Netherlands for Christmas 2020

At first, you will think that the Dutch do not show their interest in Christmas. Still, while most of them exchange gifts that means they love the atmosphere, there are many Christmas activities in the Netherlands annually, exciting and magical!

The essential Christmas events in Amsterdam Netherlands 2020

I will first tell you about the most important and famous Christmas events in Amsterdam and that they are distinctive and flattering when you visit the Dutch capital at Christmas – or you are staying in or near Amsterdam. Hence, I advise you to go to one or more of them.

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Dam Square

Every December, a giant Christmas tree is erected in Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace.

Combined with beautiful lights throughout the city, this is an excellent place for a festive photoshoot.

If you are thinking of spending Christmas in the Dutch capital, you are in luck! There are many Christmas events in Amsterdam, but now the only question is: Which one would you choose?


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The museum square is converted into a large skating rink every winter, and with the Ice Village Christmas Market near the ski area, you will find many stalls there.

It’s fun to go there and ski – even if you’ve never tried skiing before, you can go and learn because there are so many people who know too.

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Leidseplein Square

The skating rink will be waiting for you at Leidseplein. It is an ideal place to spend the most fun times. You can also buy food and drinks from the stalls spread across the square.

There are also many restaurants around Leidseplein, so this is an excellent place for a fun and delicious skiing experience!

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Flower Market

Amsterdam’s famous floating flower market merges with the festivities’ spirit, as it has lots of Christmas trees decorated with tulips for sale.

Be keen to wander around and enjoy the exhibits. It is good to know that this market sells incredible decorations for New Year’s Day throughout the year.


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The Christmas Circus

It’s a crazy addition to the New Year celebration, as Amsterdam hosts an extraordinary Christmas circus annually too!

The world-famous Christmas circus will feature the best works and exhibitions at the Royal Theater in Amsterdam from December 20 – January 6, 2019.

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Amsterdam Light Festival

During the Christmas season, the Amsterdam Festival of Lights takes place, with artworks and illuminated installations dotted around and in the city’s canals from November 29 to January 20.

You can go for walking tours through the city at night to learn about it, or take part in a romantic cruise to see the festival.

But if you want to go on a cruise and watch the festival from Amsterdam’s water canals, it will be paid (approximately 19 euros).

The most famous Christmas events in the Dutch regions

I will now tell you here about the most essential and famous Christmas events in the Dutch regions of events and festivals – if you want to go and watch Christmas events outside the Dutch capital Amsterdam – or you are staying near one of these cities.

Dickens Festijn Deventer - Discover the fairytale festival -

Christmas events at Deventer (Dickens Festival)

It is one of the most memorable Christmas events in the Netherlands! Each year the historic Bergkwartier of Deventer is transformed into a studio showing real-life scenes from Charles Dickens’ famous novel over two days!

You can see 19th-century Christmas decorations as well as more than 950 characters from Dickens’ novels being revived around you. From the wealthy to pickpockets, you’ll feel as though you’ve already entered the events of “A Christmas Carol.”

Mixed with the square atmosphere with the scent of roasted chestnuts from street vendors, it will give you a distinct feeling of a unique Christmas atmosphere!

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Christmas events in Dordrecht

If you are in Dordrecht, you can visit one of the largest Christmas markets in the country.

The Dordrecht Christmas Market features hundreds of stalls, as well as multiple stands for live music performances.

There is also a unique Christmas circus on one of the streets. You will also see the Christmas theatre in Grote Kerk, so the park is a perfect scene for Christmas!

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Christmas events at Efteling theme park

Efteling, the famous amusement park in the Netherlands, mimics the famous Disneyland city and is a magical place for tourism throughout the year, not just on Christmas days. It is a beautiful family destination.

Inside there is a skating rink, with a children’s skating track, fireworks display, drinks and hot chocolate.

You can take advantage of special accommodation packages if you want to stay in one of their fairytale rooms over Christmas with open access to the theme park!

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New Year’s Day events in Maastricht

The entire city of Maastricht will attend Christmas between December 1 and January 1;

With skating rinks, a market, decorations, and a cultural festival feature music, dance and theatre.

There is also a distinct route to follow to see the best Christmas lights, and the Culture Festival features many different performances throughout the month throughout the city.

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