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Your guide to Delhi: You have to visit these places to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!


India is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists because it has its charm that mixes between several cultures, the Asian culture, the Arab-Islamic culture, the local Indian culture, and some Western influences resulting from the British occupation long periods. Delhi is one of the cities that expresses that unique intermingling very clearly.

The city of Delhi is unique in that it is divided into two parts; the old one reflects the traditional folk lifestyle that dates back to many centuries, and the modern section reflects all the forms of the unique urbanization and urbanization to the developed countries.

Through the following lines, we will review with you the most important, most beautiful, and famous tourist destinations in the city of Delhi so that your visit to them is exceptional and memorable!



You have to visit the old city of Delhi to enjoy an unforgettable trip in India:

Delhi is not just one city but rather two cities that differ in features, characteristics, and shape. The first city is Old Delhi, founded in the seventeenth century, surrounded by 14 ancient gates to separate it from “New Delhi.” It has become India’s political capital and has become an important economic center after being found in the early twentieth century.

The old city of Delhi is located at a distance of six kilometres from the new town. It is characterized by its ancient buildings that were built in the Mughal style. It is rich in historical archaeological sites, such as the old fortress, Thalqa Abad Castle, Safdarganj Mausoleum, the Great Mosque, and Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

The old city is also full of popular stores that sell many traditional Indian products, including handicrafts, spices, and fabrics. It is also full of restaurants that offer famous Indian foods such as rice spiced with saffron, Jamon Gulab, Chul Batur, Katy Doll, and Ludo, whose names have certainly been heard in Indian films.



Visit the Red Fort to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!

The Red Fort is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Delhi, which was previously the royal palace of Mughal Emperor Ja Jahan. It was also one of the most important landmarks of the ancient capital of Delhi.

The palace is built of sandstone, as it was built between the years 1638 and 1648 AD, and because of its extraordinary shape, it was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

You can visit the palace in the evening to enjoy the sound and light show to the melodies of recorded music that will transport you through time.



You must visit Dilli Haat Village to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!

Daily Hat Village is a large complex of shops, restaurants, and popular markets.

And your trip to India would not be complete without a visit to this village, which contains everything from clothes, food, and traditional paintings to jewelry, fabrics, and handicrafts.

You can also enjoy your food in one of the open restaurants and enjoy watching the traditional areas.



Visit the Jama Masjid to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!

The Jama Masjid is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Delhi. It is also known as the “Jahan Nama Mosque,” It is considered the main mosque in Old Delhi because it can accommodate more than 25 thousand Muslims.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the mosque in 1658 in the heart of Old Delhi.

Al-Masjid consists of a spacious courtyard and a pool for ablution and is decorated with two minarets and three domes in the Mughal-Islamic style.



And don’t miss Qutub Minar to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!

The “Qutub Minar” lighthouse is famous for being the tallest in India and the second-largest in the world after the Giralda Lighthouse in Seville, Spain. It has attracted excellent tourism fame recently after UNESCO included it in its list of World Heritage Sites.

The lighthouse was built by Qutb al-Din Aybak, the first ruler of the Turkish Mamluks who founded the Delhi Sultanate and contributed to Islam’s spread in it.



You should also visit one of the henna salons to enjoy an unforgettable trip to India!

You will not feel that you have gone through the entire Indian experience without visiting Indian henna salons.

Even if you do not like henna painting, you can closely witness the creativity of Indian henna artists and how they engrave minute details on the palms of the hands and feet of their clients. You may finally feel that you want to experiment and adopt a small inscription on one of your hands.

Try visiting the famous henna salon near Hanuman Temple or another salon in Lajpat Nagar Market.



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